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Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

8 pm Friday, April 25, on WILL-TV: The classic Tchaikovsky ballet gets a Gothic spin.

 Caradoc and Princess Aurora (Ben Bunce & Hannah Vassallo).

With Sleeping Beauty the British choreographer has returned to the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky to complete the trio of the Russian composer’s ballet masterworks. Bourne began in 1992 with Nutcracker! and, most famously, in 1995, with the international hit Swan Lake.

The timeless fairy tale about a young girl cursed to sleep for 100 years was written by Charles Perrault in 1697. Tchaikovsky and choreographer Marius Petipa used the story in 1890 to create what has became a legendary ballet.

Bourne takes 1890 as his starting point, setting the christening of Aurora, the story’s heroine, in the year of the ballet’s first performance: the height of the fin-de-siecle period when fairies, vampires and decadent opulence fed the gothic imagination. As Aurora grows into a young woman (Hannah Vassallo), time moves forward to the more rigid, uptight Edwardian era; a mythical golden age of long summer afternoons, croquet on the lawn and new dance crazes. Years later, awakening from her century-long slumber, Aurora finds herself in the modern day; a world more mysterious and wonderful than any fairy story.

Matthew Bourne’s haunting new scenario is a gothic fairy tale for all ages. The traditional tale of good vs. evil and rebirth is turned upside-down, creating a supernatural love story, across the decades.

Watch a preview:

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WILL and partner win 3 Murrow Awards

WILL won regional Edward R. Murrow news reporting awards in two categories, and its partner CU-CitizenAccess won for a story on the resurgence of meth in central Illinois.

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Backyard Industry: Wiggle Room

Lisa Bralts has always been a fan of the worms working in her compost pile at home. It turns out the folks at the U of I Sustainable Student Farm are fans on a much larger scale.


WILL - WILL Highlights - April 21, 2014

Tell Me More

10 am Mon-Thurs on WILL-AM: Provocative conversations that go behind the headlines. Hosted by Michel Martin, pictured.

Michel Martin

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Happily confused

5 pm Saturday, April 26, on Big Picture Science: Human emotions are complex.

woman who looks confused

Do you feel happy today? How about happily disgusted? Maybe sadly surprised, or sadly disgusted? Human emotions are complex. But at least they’re the common language that unites us all – except when they don’t. A tribe in Namibia might interpret our expression of fear as one of wonderment. And people with autism don’t feel the emotions that others do.

So if you’re now delightfully but curiously perplexed, tune in and discover the evolutionary reason for laughter … how a computer can diagnose emotional disorders that doctors miss … and why the world’s most famous autistic animal behaviorist has insight into the emotional needs of cattle.


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An update on WILL-AM’s ‘Focus’

An update from news director Scott Cameron: We'll end our Friday Focus shows while we search for a new host and producer, but the talk program will be back early next year.

An update on WILL-AM's Focus from Illinois Public Media's news and public affairs director, Scott Cameron:

We wanted to give you an update on our plans for the future of Focus. In recent months, we've created a model for what our local, morning call-in show will look and sound like when we re-launch the program early next year. Last month, we let you know that we're searching for a host to build on that vision. As that search continues, we're also now looking for a strong producer to complete our team. Together, they will form the core of our new talk programming staff.  In the meantime, we will end our Friday Focus shows after April 25 until that team is in place. Our reporting staff is again at full strength, and doing the kinds of award-winning stories that you expect. That commitment to great local reporting and storytelling carries over to our call-in talk show … which will return, as planned, in early 2015.

Our Monday through Thursday 10 am program, Tell Me More, will now also air at 10 am Fridays.

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