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WILL - WILL Ag Calendar - November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 - WILLAg Farm Assets Conference

Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
201 Broadway St, Normal, IL 61761

This is a new signature event for WILLAg. 

The WILLAg Farm Assets Conference sponsored in part by the Farm Credit System hopes to provide farmers and landowners decision​making tools for their business assets. The $25 registration fee includes the noon meal. Those attending can expect to hear pricing information on agricultural commodities from WILLAg’s regular ON AIR experts, learn how the new farm bill might impact crop insurance decisions going forward, to effectively analyze and choose between the new federal ARC and PLC programs, and explore the value of farm land. 

BUY TICKETS ONLINE AT THIS LINK or call 800-898-1065

(Tickets ordered after Nov. 19 must be picked up at the event – they will NOT be mailed out for reservations made after that date.)

10:15am Doors Open

CASH GRAIN Panel Discussion
Greg Johnson, The Andersons - Champaign, Illinois
Matt Bennett, Channel Seeds - Windsor, Illinois
Aaron Curtis, MIDCO - Bloomington, Illinois
Bill Mayer, Strategic Farm Marketing - Champaign, Illinois

Gary Schnitkey, Farm Management Specialist - University of Illinois

Bruce Sherrick, Director Center for Farmland Research - University of Illinois

SOYBEAN Panel Discussion
Pete Manhart, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
Bill Gentry, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana
Ellen Dearden, AgReview - Morton, Illinois
Wayne Nelson, L & M Commodities - New Market, Indiana

Jonathan Coppess, Agricultural Policy Specialist - University of Illinois

CORN Panel Discussion
Curt Kimmel, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
Jacquie Voeks, Stewart Peterson - Champaign, Illinois
Dan Zwicker, CGB Enterprises - Mandeville, Louisiana
Mike Zuzolo, Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting - Atchison, Kansas

5:00pm Program Ends

Sponsors - Farm Credit Illinois & 1st Farm Credit

WILL - WILL Ag Calendar - December 15, 2014

December 15-16, 2014 - AGMasters

The 6th annual University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences AGMasters Conference is December 15 and 16 at the iHotel in Champaign, Illinois. This program is designed for those wanting to challenge their academic understanding of production agriculture in a intense learning environment.

The conference begins with a general session hosted by Todd Gleason. It features speakers covering a variety of topics including: potential water protection rules and standards, implications of the new Farm Bill, agrichemical/agribusiness/industry education initiatives, and the practical implications of evolutionary principles regarding resistance development by insects, plant pathogens, and weeds.

Following the general session, the program will be devoted to 16 specialized sessions, each repeated once. Topics offered include the following: cover crops, managing big data, refining herbicide application techniques, Palmer amaranth biology/ecology, western corn rootworm resistance to Bt, understanding and managing Pythium, methods to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus losses, white mold and soybean production, Fusarium head blight of wheat, use of drones for aerial scouting, advance in corn genetics, management of insects in stored grain, and soybean management with pollinator considerations.

WILL - WILL Ag Calendar - December 15, 2014

December 15-19, 2014 - Illinois Farm Economic Summit

Program runs 7:45am - 12:10pm and includes noon meal.

* December 15 - Dekalb, Illinois - Faranda’s Banquet Center
* December 16 - Peoria, Illinois - Peoria Civic Center
* December 17 - Springfield, Illinois - Crowne Plaza
* December 18 - Mt. Vernon, Illinois - Holiday Inn
* December 19 - Champaign, Illinois - iHotel and Conference Center

* Agricultural Commodity Price Outlook for 2015
* 2015 Crop and Income Outook: Conserve Cash Now
* Can One Monster Crop End the New Era in Grain Prices?
* Understanding the Farm Program Decisions in the New Farm Bill
* Further Analysis of the ARC-CO and PLC/SCO Program Decision
* Do Risk Management Decisions Change?

* Jonathan Coppess - Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
* Todd Gleason - Media Communications Specialist, University of Illinois
* Darrel Good - Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois
* Scott Irwin - Professor, University of Illinois
* John Newton - Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
* Nick Paulson - Associate Professor, University of Illinois
* Gary Schnitkey - Professor, University of Illinois
* Bruce Sherrick - Professor, University of Illinois

Register Online

WILL - WILL Ag Calendar - January 07, 2015

January 7-14, 2015 - Corn & Soybean Classic

Program runs 8:30am - 3:30pm and includes noon meal.

* January  7 - Peoria, Illinois - Par-A-Dice Hotel
* January  8 - Moline, Illinois - iWireless Center
* January  9 - Malta, Illinois - Kishwaukee College
* January 12 - Springfield, Illinois - Crowne Plaza
* January 13 - Champaign, Illinois - iHotel and Conference Center
* January 14 - Mt. Vernon, Illinois - Holiday Inn

* Weather Conditions in 2014 and the Outlook for 2015
* Optimizing Drainage Systems to Improve Yields and Water Quality
* Crop Economic Outlook and Responses to that Outlook
* Inputs and Insect Management: Considerations for 2015
* Getting to Know the Foliar Diseases of Corn
* Nitrogen on Corn
* The Best Laid Plans for Weeds by Man Sometimes Go Awry
* Evaluating Drift Reduction Technologies for Making Applications of Dicamba and Glyphosate

* Jim Angel, State Climatologist - Illinois Water Survey Prairie Research Institute
* Carl Bradley, Plant Pathologist - University of Illinois
* Scott Bretthauer, Ag Engineer - University of Illinois 
* Richard Cooke, Drainage Specialist - University of Illinois
* Todd Gleason, Farm Broadcaster - University of Illinois  
* Mike Gray, Entomologist - University of Illinois
* Aaron Hager, Weed Scientist - University of Illinois
* Emerson Nafziger, Agronomist - University of Illinois
* Gary Schnitkey, Ag Economist - University of Illinois

Register Online

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