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Coming up on Focus: Remembering Roger Ebert, Blue Waters and The Ordinary Acrobat

Do you have fond memories of Roger Ebert? What do you think of when you hear “circus?” Do you have questions about the UIUC’s new super computer Blue Waters?  Find out more about what’s coming up next week on Focus and join our conversation.


Coming up next week on Focus, we’re remembering Pulitzer Prize winning film critic, screenwriter and journalist Roger Ebert, talking about super computers and learning about how the circus is very serious business in other parts of the world. Find out more and our conversation!

Monday April 15 – Blue Waters
Do you have questions about Blue Waters, what it does or if the cost of the computer is worth it? We want to hear from you this hour!

If a person, multiplying two numbers together once every second, tried to do as many multiplications as the new UIUC’s super computer Blue Waters can do in a second, it would take them about 300 million years. This hour on Focus we’ll talk about the technology and the problems Blue Waters is trying to solve.

Tuesday, April 16 – Friendship with Cambodia and Accessing Education after the Arab Spring

This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about sex trafficking and tourism in Cambodia and how one woman originally from Urbana is working to help keep girls with their families and out of brothels in South East Asia. Then, we’ll learn about Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who was shot on her way home from school for advocating that all children should be able to attend school.

Wednesday, April 17 – The Ordinary Acrobat
Do you have fond memories of the circus? We want to hear them! Join our conversation on Focus’ Facebook page and enter to win a copy of the book!

What images first come to mind when you hear the word “circus.” According to author Duncan Wall, the ring master in a red jacket and riding boots is becoming a thing of the past. This hour on Focus, we talk with Wall about his new book “The Ordinary Acrobat” and learn about the movement to empower circus as an art form.

Thursday, April 18 – Remembering Roger Ebert
Do you have fond memories of Roger Ebert? Did he or his work impact your life? We want to hear your rememberances of him this hour on Focus.

Roger Ebert’s 15th Annual Film Festival opens next week in Champaign at the historic Virginia Theatre for the first time without Roger. This hour on Focus, guest host Jeff Bossert talks with colleagues and members of the C-U community who knew him as we remember his mark on the cinema, our culture and our community.

Friday, April 19 – Personal Finance
We welcome your personal finance questions this hour on Focus!

This hour on Focus, guest host Kimberlie Kranich talks with Kevin Waspi, a certified financial advisor and lecturer at the UIUC College of Business. We welcome your questions for Kevin whether you are just starting out and looking for advice on investing, thinking about buying a home or sending your children to college.