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Coming up on Focus: Boston Marathon Media Coverage, Record Resurgence and Biking to Work

Do you bike to work? Do you like listening to music on vinyl? Is the media doing a good job of reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing case?  Find out more about what’s coming up next week on Focus and join our conversation.


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Coming up next week on Focus, we’ll talk about cycling and how strong biking communities and cultures are fostered, why records are coming back and if they’ll stick around. We’ll also talk about nanotechnology and the exciting possibilities for the future.

Monday April 29 – City Cycling

Do you bike to work? Why? If you don’t, what’s stopping you? We want to hear from you this hour on Focus!

According to recent research, most people don’t commute on bikes because they are afraid of being hit by a car. And most people who are comfortable riding bikes in traffic are men. Monday on Focus, we’ll talk with Jeff Yockey, the President of Champaign County Bikes and Cynthia Hoyle, who works with Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit. They’ll tell us about how the cities in our area are working to create infrastructure that fosters a strong pedestrian and cycling community. The month of May also kicks off National Bike Month, and Wednesday is Champaign-Urbana Bike to Work Day. Jeff and Cynthia tell us how to get involved locally.
Ralph Beuhler, editor of the book City Cycilng and an Assitant Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech, also joins the conversation this hour. We’ll talk with him about cycling infrastructure and culture across the US and in other parts of the world to see how East Central Illinois compares.

Tuesday, April 30 – Boston Marathon Media Coverage

Lots of things about the Tsarnaev brothers remain unknown, but as more facts about them and why they allegedly planted bombs at one of the largest US marathons become available, what role do the media play? This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Bob Garfield, co-host of the program “On the Media” about journalistic ethics and when personal facts about someone’s life like race, ethnicity and religion should matter to a story. We’ll also talk about accuracy and some problems new media created in misidentifying the alleged bombers’ identities. Brant Houston, the Knight Chair Professor in Investigative and Enterprise Reporting at the University of Illinois College of Media also joins us.

Wednesday, May 1 - Itty-Bitty Technology; Big Potential
Do you know how big a nanometer is? What can you do with something that small? We’ll find out Wednesday on Focus.

Nanotechnology works to understand the physics, chemistry and biology of nanoscale objects. Simply put, it’s the study of things that are very, very, very small. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about how certain elements behave quite differently on the nanoscale than they do in larger quantities and how that opens the doors to virtually limitless possibilities. Cell phone in a made to order size? It’s could happen.
There are also health concerns and risks many are worried about when it comes to using nanotechnology. We’ll talk those over too during this hour on Focus.

Thursday, May 2 - Record Sales Continue to Climb in US, Illinois
Do you listen to music on vinyl? What do you like about it? Let us know! We’ll talk over whether the increase in sales over the past few years is a fad….or not.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, a company that tracks the sale of music in the US, vinyl sales are up by 35% over the same time last year. Nearly 2 million vinyl albums have sold so far in 2013. That’s interesting considering music hasn’t been released solely on vinyl albums for decades. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about the resurgence of records and record stores and will talk about what makes old-fashioned records so appealing in an era largely defined by digital culture.
Greg Kot, music critic for the Chicago Tribune and co-host of the podcast “Sound Opinons,” and Jenn Pelly of Pitchfork join us.

Friday, May 3 – TBA