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Monday, Nov. 25: Can terrestrial radio survive in a digital era? Today on Focus, we’ll listen back to a talk with Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai about why he’s trying to save AM radio. 

Tuesday, Nov. 26:  It’s been about a year now since Sarah and Micah's oldest daughter Naima became Daniel, with full support from his school, friends and parents. But as he grows older, there are lots of unanswered questions. Daniel is 8, but what happens in a few years when he hits puberty? This hour on Focus, we'll listen back to when Host Jim Meadows talked with Sara and Micah about their son and about his transition from Naima to Daniel at school, at home and in the community an will also hear from psychologist March Hidalgo about parenting a transgendered child. 

Thursday, Nov. 28:  Today on Focus, we remember Focus' late chef-in-residence, Doyle Moore. 

Friday, Nov. 29: In this holiday special, Hannukah Lights 2013, NPR's Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz read memoirs and stories from acclaimed authors' experiences during the Jewish festival of lights. The stories are written expressly for the show.

Monday, Dec. 2: Host Jim Meadows talks with Scott Tinker about his documentary "Switch." 

Friday, Dec. 6: Meteorologist Ed Keiser joins the show. Get your questions ready!