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Oral History Interview: Lloyd Lain of Urbana


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Lloyd Lain served in the U.S. Navy from Nov. 3, 1942, to Jan. 26, 1946. He was involved in scouting the South Pacific for submarines.

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    does this review is for: the veterans history project of the Library of Congress American
    second focal Life Center and it is with a Lloyd trust
    Chester Lane and Lana spelled LA I am Mr
    Lane was in the US Navy serving from November 11th 1942
    42 to December 28th 1946 today is Friday March 3rd
    watch 7 2008 my name is Harriet Williamson Henry Radcliffe is the director of sound


    sound and lighting in awhile so the video ographer we are in the television studio of W
    will in Urbana Illinois on the University of Illinois campus also in the studio
    what studio is Mr Lane wife Alex
    Lillian Watson Lane thank you so much for being with us
    mr Lane today and I wanted to find out a little bit of a
    better about your background about where you were born and raised in your parents
    listen born not to far from here on road my profile


    1923 and now
    my father at that
    what do you do when my mother died I was too much sodium Street children
    I can remember being on Hickory Street in the first grade
    midnight memories hymn coming home probably 1929
    I’m laid off everything crash but I guess you Mercer something to do with her
    is there a grocery store something and now I can remember that


    then later on she acts 29
    and I was your school 1930 silver amber
    Facebook vacation resort map
    ant no career on Water Street that time anyway I was going there
    the crossing bakery anyway I slipped and broke his hair
    my cousin tried to get me to walk wish I could you know
    anyway a man carry me back cinema


    Dr come out against anyway they put a thing on here Brooklyn
    broken orange Krate you know if your straight where are my followers
    best armor ever get a strawberry filling
    truckers heading to after stroke cinnamon have to cash a man anyway
    beer not nose gauge Argentine Hospital 6 month for that played in American
    time to get straightener imagine that I don’t think of
    anyway we went from there


    Fraternal Order south west acacia street are graduating Fisher
    preacher and he had a house
    locked in a barn will out house and what not and nor
    an orchard and all that but no money but he might have some money for a few years
    anyway we live there from Thomas and 4th grade card graduated
    when I come down here I come down every summer to work to make my clothes
    no money for clothes and go back to school in town


    she has 6 more door step mother sex boys room and a girl
    she did a good job to take care of him to you know what she did to
    then when we come down here that’s when I
    I try to be a pilot little 42
    about that well I tried to I want to be a pilot
    I want to be a Navy pilot anyway when I went down
    down here at time Champaign post office I take the red underneath hair where are you


    do you have to pass all recipes for Passover
    but I was under $7,000 Bruno’s dash
    plein air painting a car with a knife as you love me
    when we at anyway you had a pound
    I wish I think I was under 8 pounds under a mushroom
    how many miles to do it my way in but when he sent me down here that’s when they caught me
    I could get out 3 days and a truck going back home and then I


    mission November the Third Eye Gifford affair
    imagine a v6 program that means 6 years
    Anna reserve army USA
    US Naval Reserve 6 years and
    anyway when it come to be after the war was over out there now Evita
    Amita she was at all this s*** drop the bomb I can’t remember now anyway
    I didn’t get out till January but the meantime


    you have so many points Stratos Greek and Commander I should shirt

    inactive for sure you know Russia time 248 and I
    and I can’t think of my strength in heaven the other day
    when the president share parking Stephen Lynch naked
    Fusion v6 program DVD sex program
    natural odor when I over her virginity how about side of me I don’t know why but I don’t


    when you signed up and was 46 years
    yeah she told so then when it came time to leave
    leave the Navy did were you I had my points to get a round butt
    what do you like also by bananafish a program I could stay 26 years okay bye
    fire.department a career out of not that way I don’t have it well I think
    well I think one thing after being over there sweetheart airplanes your sweating after men
    after men coming back what kind of Spanish Fork Utah


    Lana I didn’t go back to the weather like out should I went back to a business card
    5250 51 hours 5150
    50 anyway oh I forgot it’s also
    when was the civilian in house arrest
    how’s your sister crew chief on B 29 drop fill for 6 months that require you
    why are you to be in the Navy or where you know nobody I just I just want a friend
    that’s what I meant earlier anyway when they


    is 6 months and they had fertilizer 90 day for a ritual counted
    thats time I think I want to show insurance
    250 51 and when the belly start over here and now
    how come over here Antoinette were here
    hi I had that 3 years
    what color is 51
    Russian a guided missile program and then I went into physics


    physics Bardeen all over there and I’m going to go get some reason I didn’t end
    any rain then went out to Montford Hall Deans office in the Bursar’s Office
    then went with the post office for a while come back in Door County
    14 retirement in the winter operation maintence out there
    looking down there and if you notice in the paper something about Chevy
    17 million dollars vice president and president have to cough
    f*** off I have to pay the bail this is for the university university


    Annapolis utilities you to want me
    show me anyway I turn them when I left an 81 wheel Gill
    realgm 500,000 for natural gas analyst days 285 for electric
    imagine that lookout
    huge difference in the operating maintain a campus went through the
    operation make her first 28 million 8081 which was hard
    what are the 65 million 85 million


    we are but I think your uterus for 20 million a year I think
    I think mess up anyway
    what you thought you were disappointed because you couldn’t be a
    va pilot but where are you were you did in list in the Navy and then where did
    where did you take your first training her first tranny uno 150
    boot camp I think therefore we should I give you 5
    leave down there already not come back John Day or John or Bob


    Bob Haven and his brother was 19 Bob Haven was 15
    kiss the girl birth certificate change it
    what you know what he weigh 230 pounds and he was shaving
    anyway we both went to bootcamp 2012
    level Navy Pier in the Aviation School in Aurora
    Sheila northern December of 42 graduating junior
    June 43 and what kind of training do they give you will you will do everything


    saying about maintaining airplane engine picture appraisal in and making part
    can park for withdrawal from my eye feel like you need an angel saving all that
    yeah do all that mean Excel cell not only maintain the plane that also teaching
    teaching you how to mix a part your hair if you have no friends
    send another thing I think we had a court show there
    onos days we have some to win things to people when holding you
    you know where the chocolate stuff on layaway with this one morning


    ureter net profit for round before they start their place to get to Orlando
    you know it backfired get with antenna on head
    where to take a proper hip hop that property how to say dinner it is
    the boy didnt Rocky Mountain thing for a while then there will forget to have
    after you did that training do they give you even more training
    reading order for what happened in the meantime when I was up there
    the day after they didn’t make it do this now they ask people


    do you want to be an aerial gunner yes I want to fly so I’ll be in there a gunner
    well when are standing in line near the commander was asking questions is meant by me
    Burmecia do you want to die for your country yes get out
    I come up if you want to drive if anything I should know I don’t you’re going
    go on licensure how can you get that
    estradiol country now you’ll fight like mad he would not miss when they look at it
    where can I get right away but looking at anyway


    anyway then it went out to Alameda
    football with Robert Stack school going to school what was your training will you
    why were there they had a track railroad tracks
    Will Ferrell in car with a trident on OK
    this thing will come in and go out 1500 miles 4500 feet
    and they train you with these thinkers 50 caliber
    Talbert and you had a shoot this thing so many


    45 weeks we have to train my cat and I don’t know where they were hit in the center
    I don’t remember but anyways we graduated
    then we were signed the squadron 57
    I mean I would drive Bob Way is there a 15 year old anyway the meantime Wilson School
    school he want me to turn it man I said finish school and get out you know your job
    are there any ways they didn’t come up for dr. Mentz I didn’t
    so we went overseas and now he went somewhere else I think


    was Debra Calhoun’s outfit there but that’s where we’re at 7
    Seminole County squad the women I find a seraph before we left
    I said well I don’t know where we’re gonna make it back at night to get a carrier
    dive bombers 2014 knock them down
    truth and I wish we were land based soap
    when you left California then were you on a shelf and were you thinking


    states that sink brand from Germany that was made in Holland had wooden decks on it
    anyway we get on this thing
    Usher major run the fans 180 man your troop ship Nebraska
    ok you boys are aerial gunners
    the tabs I have the same meaning that he interrupted
    20 millimeter tap 28 yeah I guess


    anyway this one I don’t have a gate around
    spiders periscope man I look around

    captain bear down on it and guess what the Japanese attacked a periscope on the square
    Square raft and everything in it but that lady streaking
    anyway it was it was a whole thing
    anyway by being on that by yourself going over you had a zig zag


    exact zigzags that’s how you know you wouldn’t let you
    celebrities keep track of you again anyway we were on that thing
    should we left their September the 2nd 243 for sale sign in
    I know that in 40 in August who went up to cook in
    Cook Islands from different places Newtown and Macduff to new heritage lyrics
    respirators and while we were there
    that’s when the Japanese big train ride Essex County


    come over and you know it was the first night I can’t and 21
    lights on it by cash is shiny thing happy
    AT&T wifi when the third night I guess you’re trying to persuade Versailles mo Northridge high tide
    Pinterest Lane get out of here I’ll put you on report card
    forgot grandma blanket someone out the Foxxhole but my gas mask Islip the Restless
    Reshma knife on a transfer trip work world
    word was it jam packed or well you know what that thing was sold


    crochet gifts to go to the restroom they had trough
    retro fat stripper North Riverside
    and you can only the water you can drink with only one 40 minutes a day
    today I get a shave in salt water for coarse Williams shaving cream with
    what do I need to take a shower you know you just
    canary sobre thanks anyway in Chicago Illinois
    you know anyways a lot of guys let their beards grow but right I try to but it


    essentia green girl shaves man on
    anyway wish on that thing over hit this new every group
    and gosh I don’t know here’s you look into the island installer
    coconut trees in water mean nothing in there
    I’m not what you look at here comes to Marines in 1 leash
    looks like a big thing is going on land and water come out pictures update a sin
    what when you get there what it was just full of people but can’t


    you know but you could tell it from there and then we went over to you
    42 Admiral calculus pressure
    waiting for a girl to get back to view Caledonia gets anyway we were out
    did everything to do and donts in way but they put it in his yard Arrieta
    little fat where we called a bamboo hut no at the nice living room and kitchen
    he had four through pinger someone work
    we have to pick up the coconuts for in ground people problems Louis


    they bred the mosquito that would bite you know what I mean malaria mosquitoes
    free pictures app put them in the truck and I think its truck take down
    tick removal of the island they put all these n***** over there and they take out mix
    make soap out of it and keep on our own Louis
    Grove I guess everyone but she be cut down the trees
    coconut trees everyone they cut down United States paid people
    people are $25 today what they say they would make


    that’s why they did Phoebe didn’t forget that
    anyway we should I was out there and pick them up
    boy I think she answer Borat sporting good in rain

    free coconut milk come out of a chance at the well you would have said no man like me pic


    Calhoun whats the lyrics to something new is a
    the commander of Williamsville
    women I think I have it down here
    password commander South Pacific free to air
    and I wish you had another Edmodo nume last words
    President Nixon wash a forgot his name pretty but you know
    leeway with one man working architects Atlanta at your name


    can’t think of his name now he was a pharmacist made a chief
    Chief Keef what’s on down there were Nixon’s wife tell her she’s gay
    Richard Nixon and he was on fire
    Richard Nixon who became president he was here to North Carolina
    time that you were there. Was. Up when they’re feeling he was down here in probably around there male you know whatever the F
    Edgar Benes you know what I mean anyway than later on he went up some of their eyes
    mother I think we might be able to record


    357 you pick up the coconut what else sells Tiffany
    the Navy have in store for us while we we only did it a week or two then
    the closest I can’t think of the ship named I don’t have it on here can’t think of it
    but why was there that’s what I was telling you the answer to Ben
    letter showing off the new one up north by the nucleus
    are we upto calendar I mean Guadalcanal or something and they come back that’s when I look
    look for for Peter write four wheeler 2507 the front of it


    Reebok right here coming over good thing we got off at 3 months
    no I’m sorry I don’t understand where all the Japanese prayer for peace

    waterboy we got off that sings good time it’s probably have another
    wicker to as we got off of 90 and forget it then
    we’re on this one ship going down
    oh what’s the time when you cross the equator they real


    a really knew she Asian lady boy Detroit garbage it do anything this year
    don’t wait up but maybe Hampshire liquor store on shipping army guide
    20 Franklin I don’t know I forgot but this s*** captain
    major with army guy wouldn’t have to do all that but they give us a little card I have
    children with equator how many times did you cry
    do you cross the equator or went down once then back then down one side and back
    RAC again yeah so we were on the calendar Caledonia and then hit there


    get there first when was on the ship there we hit a reef
    what should have waited for what it cause man I forget what they call me
    you know when you going to harbors now you put her yeah you put a man when your knee brace
    any way to hit this thing in the cleaner
    shipping like yes what happened knock off the bottom plate but they can shoot it all
    and I guess you are I can show you show it off
    anyway we slept in there and their


    moon the holes where we going over that a bunch of
    I forgot what kind of trucks a call him anyway
    for the army and the Marines you know that this is all for candy anyway this
    Bei Maejor boy eating a Harley that hardly anything on it
    shipper we found out was your last day you know we were taking I can do that thing
    o in the man with baked bread we go down store bread
    we never got caught I don’t know why did that well I guess you are made


    everything channel anyway when we get there
    did there I think my n***** got that thing on load ever surprise alright Kenny we’re going out back
    does weed a lot of it out there underwear forget
    forget that New Caledonia for help
    after how long are we were just there probably 2 days then that’s when we met best breed
    spiritos 1 min timer squadron was there but I didn’t know what to do that
    who dat what’s happening the reason we fighting


    Barberton go to 57 routier you have to wait to Somers Manor ship
    get back they need come in C Spire what happened I think we were up here
    the Devils play sure maybe two weeks then we went in there
    are so you went from New Caledonia to Asbury yeah that’s burrito is that correct
    minecraft yo is Primrose Avenue Heberle group how far is that
    is a cracked another island part was that another Island Road Wolfeboro New Hampshire groups
    yeah and then would that be so bored New Caledonia


    Assassin’s Creed 4 days guitar
    do ya anyway what went down
    what down there epic raps
    then we went up the Paradise to 57 but in the meantime
    the son of man had left yet so what the deal we will we did everything you might
    working lets all my workouts
    work outside here and do this do that anyway then later on


    before I signed up my plane do you know one out there to
    anyway the captain found out the way I was raised like
    set table for staph from me and they had 3 cheats
    electrician chief
    12 volt line if you had melody over then
    when ever hung shemale c** in his mouth
    manwich have a chief engineer on his journey he was there and I checked


    watch at the table 44 I did that for a month or two till I found the man that you know
    Airwick Freshmatic Amanda do it and Ashley
    I think only works when are each time you know could you set the table you take your stuff
    Stefan a boy shirt for you know yet good for enterprise Inc
    but then I go down in some time with unexplained tooth but ur not go over
    go over on the island 2 others would go over on an island with the natives where would swim with him
    animated porn understand we work trucks Dave day went with no clothes


    signal women around
    does sugar do you kill time The Preserve at 5 mile
    Fred Meyers something new something to do that sounds like a very
    very healthy brown thing to be a little longer to spend his native girl get home we were trucks
    they discover anything do they speak any English
    no I know if a was I didn’t understand what I mean you know you
    you know you did they understand what was happening in now to do


    did I don’t know that either but I know a lot of time should we wish I had to Cedar River night outside
    outside in the air sometimes you be shot in the theater no leash needed
    come in like that is this s*** down front and watch a movie but you know what
    who what when it moves over they disappear like that you didn’t you just come in August
    yeah it was amazing they were Mason people
    who went to a burger Shannon Davis or dare
    I think it was $67 in a group you know you would be down


    down the field and every 7th day you had the day off
    can I give a command car in a case of beer
    can we go over to silence a was going to cost seal
    seal pass in Israel in the morning it was open this way to go over the mountain
    in the afternoon you just hoping that way to get back so we go over
    meantime we stop then visit this native village
    you know what we walk in at Village and Damned


    borders people disappear just like that because we have guns on the 45
    and I look around and all I saw was a little baby laying on floor
    swish after you smash British creepers
    bruschini start coming back in mischeif was not funny
    how many years old in those days that so unusual in
    you can always talk to a human at each other we were you know cause a truck
    trouble but you know what he did was sure thing single


    finger bananas green 1 channel anyway
    we take those back cushion put money for Bandon Oregon
    Darkin ripen then we went back with your keys garbage can
    can’t do it and had him put his bananas Newport Oregon Inlet
    he thought I was pretty good but that old man he let us know
    what is happen in his young life they kill the wife
    why people naked people how did


    how did any way that the Catholic ministry come over and you know
    you know and he was one opening on the same problem no religion
    you know what the other one with bigger shells I think my friend
    that n**** ran in SD boy found it I don’t know when you walk into church as one
    Sweeney used water to go like it in the Eastern
    she said that you said you know what they come over here and when when he was
    when he was younger and then you know religion orange in Stockholm guide


    god never think he says you know why is some of that singer you don’t worry about faith in God
    God will take care of you sure my middle work that way
    ua 371 supply something cold stone
    but then we went over to seal Central School in Vista
    real nice polish it up Northridge Big Y
    Dwight Holmes likes Angeles trash chute where was I guess or hotel
    we went in there shut down 312 beer


    roots of American social American gosh
    dirty Boyz Renee from Chicago say they were little or nothing
    well you know what they was true as they grow

    IKEA stand down like that but Amboy Lee broken
    anyway we laugh show anyway
    when we come back General Rose Hill Dr Mian


    on air you put that offer no limits
    arrow holster should hate the Navy took a shower and then go anywhere they want to go so weak
    we would go back but stuff funny that they mind the nickel
    Apple how do you know that s*** on the show feel password seal
    were the people at steel were they not native people they were removed
    they were friends and they were
    colon oh boy what you mean


    not like real fishing free shaver Vichy France
    but I’ll tell you what the strongest beer
    I don’t know who paid for that broker saying I didn’t break it
    when did paper the Vichy French involved in the mine in the money now huh
    Yeah yeah yeah that’s really wish there was a Lisa Frank
    gyro sauce instead of Navy to grab this island
    Piggly Wiggly want to leave between a 14yr one place


    all we had a I forgot I gotta pee
    picture of it anyway I forgot by The Corrs both freshwater boat
    boat citrus and on my pictures on a huawei we go on this one island
    holy cow I stepped out of there no snakes clock

    what is one island in dearland there any kind of man what you want
    we wanted to shoot at the chair 20 way later on


    camperland can opener thing put it in there with a big walk in frigerator
    I guess anyway put it in there anyway how she says
    I can’t do that anymore he said that pros of the governed the island that she’s funny graphs
    weed in your back have a pretty good but I need to get a passport
    I never would forget that lately with good people so ever holds he was with
    was also located on where he would come down


    proctorU Airport down here whenever I hear you know I don’t know I think I spot when I feel
    do you want to talk about one of the teams that you witnessed an airfield was in
    is that on that dress that was one continent do they are based in New Caledonia okay that was in
    I was in New Caledonia on this island earth that happens that you so hard what was it that you
    is that you song when you were they are at the DRS when the when they landed that probably visit
    you have a meeting with a 70 year plan that was a book
    cocaine user enter the question DC


    so they all came to New Caledonia
    what’s near what that was Rudy 45 or Die leftover juicing 45
    Just Giving Tree January JR for W heads
    I had seen them yeah I was on a four wheeler what we call him you you told your friends with
    I was driving I think that’s when the heater is there now you stop and look I thought
    but you know mean time before the act


    Whole Foods plane landing hit a 40 engine
    is a b24 the sea will tell we call him something
    something else I forgot ypur call anybody had an engine
    how to understand so there’s a wreck between teeth
    224 over here sure the boys run over
    working on this thing take an engine out going to take his out the district on Luther
    Viggle I don’t know what do you start your major to want to come over


    come over to take a 2000 is there forget it forget a guy said that
    anyway they run that up and running about 6 or 7 hours
    there anyway I just wanted man we were working out shop in their ears
    you drop something that some pick it up and also would handle back
    where did know was it a myth that died nobody knew that but you gotta run that thing up 60
    really what does that mean will you make sure it was alright and everything


    change engine ti make sure everything’s working
    did you did at about 3 days straight to make sure school
    sure it’s going to be alright now I interrupted your flow when we went back to New Caledonia
    New Caledonia but you were really on the island of the Shrew
    before then yeah I went there when you were fly
    Surfline would you like to talk about about that experienced grocery when you
    when you when you come there was two planes usually fly like this


    like that okay you were up around 4 and you had a cover so much hair
    which area what you know planes leaving today I meet people dont you dont fly like
    ride like that you know that your course world around you free flashlight
    you know when you leave New York you’re going to California stuff like that
    anyway you would go for a prostitute

    you going on this way or that way if you time your look at you know everything


    what are you looking for your subs Reno anything anyways menu
    can you doing 4shared when you come back see you don’t stay up. For Asheville 4
    24 hours so I had 400 gallon of gas how
    how low are you flying in order to be able to see we were up
    rapper problem 2006 Chevy 2500 feet now if we do
    we didn’t have to go up to 10,000 if we went I went up 10000 Watts on a 11
    when to test up but he didn’t you couldn’t stay up over can sound


    10004 Union Havelock you know that I think we have talked about it but you never try
    what type of plane were you I don’t wanna die mama I dont love you
    average water first and that’s some more Chinese than everything else
    Pacific how how would you be able to
    she was there in the floor was there Norwegian smoked out cop
    Kaufman okay see you there is only of the Congo ya on ya
    and you were behind the pilot


    now where did 2013 Twitter teeth meaning gun girl year 2013
    machine gun okay so they will win 50 in nose okay so there were
    so they would someone in the nose really really hit the head wireless controller to 250
    53 controller 230 s he control the to 100
    bonne journee Ligue 1 year one there in five hundred pound Ernie Sabella
    I live in a pound Samuel Drive sinking with it
    okay so there were three people in the flight to Turkey Mirage California


    sterling in during a time that you flew those
    were do you find any phone no
    no we were we were doing scouting and wife while we were there for
    therefore no here to Australia here to Caledonia
    okay originate had a smelly there they didn’t want the Japanese
    used to come back around probably their husband ex wife Nicole - you know that’s why we were
    therefore now before I get in there they stay strong for sub with 25


    5 men got off of it and they captured him and you know what I
    you know what I get dementia Lord we had a minute since like this like that was going to kill them
    they didn’t you know anyway when they first that’s growing over the head
    twin set of twin win playing with her with her panties on
    Nicole and on land Robers when they first went over I don’t know maybe
    watch a 41 I don’t know after the no no boy
    94 to 98 Ranger don’t starve glommer in every time


    time is aircraft carriers get Allison’s TBMs in Alaska
    how was your New Orleans then they would give us the old different prices
    you know how what what island were you flying from UK
    new calendar event calendar event for that accept you and then so how long did you do that
    mercy or got their November 40
    43 Irish slang term in August but I think what you know vember before we were they got severed everything
    ifruit when is spring


    spring cabin 1854 anyway
    would you print them then I make 2nd class petty officer arrested boys with first class
    minute key for takeoff and then I have to take over an extra
    you know you had a flight she hears Sheard why me
    are you okay
    are you free to stream I can okay here’s how we would start off a 2005
    05 1500 845 wish an app for planes


    then 730 11 o’clock
    just different when you’re welcome or 730 or 7:30 would set up another super range
    meet people come back at 8:45 to 7:30 would come back 11
    then later on at 10 o’clock is someone
    someone back send to bring it back up and then leave them I only stay up

    when you set up another to a CB 4 6 8 10


    12404 in eastern Idaho today
    and I don’t know when I sprained calf and I will another man
    felt this or not when I shift my plane up I had number 10 right here
    sample and I wish my mouth and I don’t know why
    persuading Twilight course without you worried about you know what I mean ID your a bitch
    Good Friday the door in feng shui mouth for 3 or 4 hours and maybe over the pearl
    over the. Of time a bats what help me get my I don’t know anyway I had a spastic


    ethical and here’s my friend number 10
    then actually you’re supposed to throw this away you know when you’re through with it
    Japanese have its perfect come in anyways what we had
    what we had vailable now look like we never had any combat what are Plains reader
    reader getting what stone or something happened to him and now
    sample hear the flight officer put down available to gas drops
    and one by civil court Orangevale


    what is the tariff
    so when the planes we go out they are with a view
    will they be following a different pattern or yell difference squares
    you know you don’t like it they were there I don’t know how many square miles well you can
    you can figure it out the first werewolf 24 hour fitness app for s***
    468 1012 sage one of my how to cover for me
    xposed 4000 Mountain Inn buffet orange


    during sex NASCAR did you know discover show me squirt
    Square One mall during the time that you were involved with this did any of the planes
    I have any problems if we have one boy and he was a prank
    supreme captain and he was out in the plane cost what’s going down
    down the pilot told him to jump and I

    where on iphone 4 we were boys and women anyway when the pilot it through


    Lamy Vista Water Street open and Boyd Stadium
    boy way to damn right now killing you know if you’re up at Hyde hit the water slide in the ground
    you know what it is they had him buried on new man or scimitar
    Cemetery in New Caledonia in White Fang sequestration
    3 bears barbeque in action actually brown
    Brown Twitter lyrics my back and shake your body back here or not I don’t know I don’t know
    summer sum up dead I know he is very dare you


    that was too bad you know you know what he had confidence in the brain
    kickoff Brazilian apart Akron weather
    when is longer then to now it’s at the pilot was rescued and where are you
    where are you now lyrics to it but you know why after that happened this year
    destroyer rescued him but they were out so far talk free asian porn
    happy to get there and then after I don’t whether a mohawk
    Mahasti Iranian Airport shopping at do with it then we got our what we call a flying duck


    you know it was a plane will land on water Orlando net
    great big thing like this okay I could happen if somebody went down in an
    when did bring that mean you know we kept asking if we never had you should
    YouTube music that boy there ever something
    anyway how much
    I would say to me there was a lot of pressure on a course I was young probably I don’t know
    not so many boys by mean lady having a father


    the way I did I didn’t have a father to tell me and then you have to take care of him you’re worried
    worried about him you did this and that and then the boy from Chicago boy
    what you guys do while laying if you were left by part for your bicycle
    hello kitty that’s where they were are you want to
    Rwanda part finder mobile we go getter for a human shout all in one boy
    intervention his mother Day cards free
    alcapones place you let men take a deck of cards


    for the second year heat give this man a straight
    smantha flush SMAN 3 of a kind in heat getting self over guy

    when was the army guys they were black man and they were
    engineer group real nice people real good but he go there payday and he come back
    replace your money now but he didn’t use do I don’t know how old was silver how do you get that
    I still don’t know how you did it today we could had a car


    noelia Recreation on the island was was things like
    look like the Wii play baseball or softball
    Moore softball in baseball mean if you like to play like Alex in the head
    basketball training program
    then we had 0 The Giver
    give a 2000 beer night I show my importance in space
    anyway after I move there say you’re doing this for a year


    the flight should you say when you want to drink a bear once why you no like
    like this and you know what he was right you drink a beer to that binds all you is just
    relax it was something and you know what I
    drank a lot of beer after I was married 112 Minneapolis ideas
    too much but anyway special interest in you know the green

    the medical school from here he was the best heart man


    fast heart anyway he gave me some little piano bar Tony Brown on a cruise
    cruise cruise by palliative Rocky Mountains somewhere out there ride home
    ride horses in Philadelphia Asian killer story about s*** she wants you to do in Denver that
    remember that yeah that was a big lost yeah yeah
    Japanese first name and I knew him real well so I had him.


    no time cause I have a fast heart no head but he give me some fiddle bar
    where in Italy was unplugged
    Reno anyway when is discharge
    know when to come back after the 27 months you had a
    you have to fill out a medical thing you know after bunch of questions you have a broken leg
    anything wrong I’m more nervous than normal and I felt boil send me the car
    the Colorado for 2 weeks a boy I can fish in all that and that Dr Scherz


    where is the dead lake by oil change everything
    why did you tell if with cat dander stay just like that but I would understand
    extended stay anyway Westport Federal Credit Union where they combine
    come back machine anyway when he’s talking to me there in Michigan
    listen all your nervous and I said yes and I said I thought you would have given you guys are nervous
    R&R for 2 weeks in Colorado fishing license
    anyway uh oh you’re going home for 30 days you get bed at 10 o’clock every night and just relax


    relax massage and I have been home from phone with please which I didn’t do that but I drink a lot of beer
    30 days but I didn’t bother anyone you know just call me
    it work though matrix AK 47 bottle
    Barker today in those days by golly it work
    how sugar do I say that anyway my uncle I stay with him
    real Jordans pops restaurant Durham Main Street I come in
    how are the beer crank that sounds good I order another when you can sit there


    god saw your day going to be Russia will it calm you down
    Christian Bryant DUI me drink a few em when you were
    in the military and out of us did you keep in touch with people back home
    calm yeah well I probably shouldn’t say this when I
    I don’t want to properly roll posters at but I think when I left over as writing
    probably 10 ladies
    to hear I write my stepmother


    nice writing all my s*** I had the real brother in the
    army and step brother in the Marines in a John Daly
    Sunday morning with us about when writing writers use the submarine
    and there’s the last so I think I was only write about one of two people
    my father died September 4410
    how’s work on an airplane with a Fitzgerald
    you know what Fitzgerald when the Prime Minister Hollywood after


    freedom can t anyway
    anywhere just enter any did you hear that time in about
    what about your phone have no that’s right I was working to your own is playing Bertucci’s come out
    I’m out the car to get thing out of Buckingham Jimmy cablegram
    purple pocket on back work top 40 minutes later
    is ready to come out Chief Police of Lord you know what’s in there
    Janette I said yeah that’s my father I bet is to get to do list scene like that knocked up


    how to properly out of me to me that maybe more special than anybody
    he said you’re going back so I get in the car and I tell them about you know what happened North
    well ordering you probably expected this I swear I’m not too sure either
    machine like when it happen
    holding my stepmother remarried in October October November
    Russian Hurst money to help me know when you know me I stop it
    just a singer what we could use the money in Orlando that will you get married


    she’s married anyway you seem like a
    Prop Shop money so much for broken heart
    bento Iwan Navy at home URL
    soma 2000 miles away
    what you know what the other men were different and I was I think the reason my
    my stepbrother one like yet but I mean I felt that I didn’t have
    a father to teach me anything and I felt like a raindrop


    traffic Wyatt how much I probably Westerdam I don’t know cause I didn’t record crowds like they did
    ny Rosedale and snake
    British 15 year old on toilet chain weigh 230 pounds a day do women always
    2235 Chicago ave. The starting of a shop
    we were out
    you drink too much wine so we come out
    we’re waiting for your cab anyway here he is dancing in


    doing this and that you know a woman come up turn signal not marry her anyway you know what
    who watches a man over there she hollered at him he was detective United Way
    wait a minute I said we’re going back to Navy Pier I said I will take him
    taking back issues okay we grab a cab my back and I don’t think that woman
    set up done working but she’ll but she did you know I got everything
    box Houston


    do I mention a little while ago that when you came back home that they say
    myspace sent you home directly fro yo we come home
    I left there in June sometime later part of June
    we hit the deer to come out here to you to go over
    anyway think I should for Chevrolet anyway we come down aisle
    down outside Franks I’m down first I don’t know why but anyway we didn’t have any
    what you call closure uniforms anything and she said work clothes


    anyway that’s when the commander I went down or Blue Bus
    the band playing for who wouldn’t have it
    can I come down on me come over to read this high school was just hold back he said they should you
    should you trim guide rollers for downloading should come hungry chick just like I always feel alone
    what they paid for uniforms from psoriatic Taylor now than they were real nice
    no we’re allowed to bring back skin
    what can carton cigarettes at $0.45 apiece


    sweetest thing in the morning after
    Steve Wynn are we might have been worn off your gold blue eye mean golden something anyway
    you can only take out two packs of cigarettes
    anyway I figured boy you’re talking about I’m 13
    carton cigarettes in OC answer from Chicago
    why should you know what we’re going to do this we cook a parachute
    Herschel bag report for a car dealer stay where you going


    where you going to do it and I sure we’re going up after carrot or? Around everywhere
    freeway was shut out side here and I waited to apply to come along and he had can’t dance and cheer
    you salute a commander’s nice asses
    I’m in trouble and hes so you know what we had but I did
    why did I have this thing you know anyways what can I do for a night should you know what
    what I thought about what happened I should be able to bring back in cartoon motion
    Manchester mo take to carton I’m going to pass out


    you know you could hide me to stock may be but anyway so why you want me to do
    how we do I should I want you to come out but you’re not going to ask you you said he did it for me for a minute cab for me
    I said sure you want some cigarettes and no. Go ahead I see if I
    5 Carrie B would let me take them out anyway I show mine
    whatever head up here Chicago waiting on a train I sold for $45
    what is the NFL but anyway
    Square Enix pre show and I wish


    happy to serve in all that but I was one of the lucky ones

    I don’t know what to date at Bob Bob good come over here and 51
    knock on the door we visit for awhile yeah h*****
    the entire dashboard 1 college here to the pilots picked up your masters hair
    the one boy amenity
    Norman Oklahoma have there been since its cool we went there and


    hemosure on Brighton rice gluten
    yeah right Street in green and we come up with the car wash owner insurance
    any hard at me so we went over to talk to him and I have to be
    down in there when they had a horse officers use a candle thing they gave him
    what happened he was gonna be by
    by flying boat landed Benjamin wrong with the guys are working on East Capitol
    Japanese come over when taking photographs Machine Gun Kelly


    my college game live across as she stays at .0%
    what if what you think
    NSYNC was the end result for the love or what did you take away from
    from that experience or how did that influence your life
    is it bad to take one thing I thought you do
    to be with people you don’t want to meet work with people in Yuma
    you more than you know what I mean


    respect people for sale when I look bad
    bad I have a lot of good times oh don’t get me wrong I don’t want to me but I
    but I thought we had a lady do we have too much pressure on it I mean it for young people
    the problem with no roommate wouldn’t I don’t know what I was feeling a lot of pressure
    but now some of them could center needs a airplane smoke the cigarettes
    do you like I should you have their you have made it 5 cheats to check on this plane
    David said there’s smoke me I’m going around porch swings open


    tracking maybe maybe I should have done I don’t know price out what I gotta do this after
    app to let you know what I mean cuz I was partying at work sounds like you are very responsible world gourmet
    maybe that’s the reason I shouldnt have something I don’t know ya
    Uniden well you know why I didn’t have a
    I had 85 semester hours
    5051 maybe with metric over college year
    commercial County 2014 Street in Danish


    Dana I want to hear his father was pregnant
    cause once you’re here and buy me some close to labor Schubert won the Super
    super tennis schools when they start at years and years ago back to know what shade of 30 straight
    830 East anyway I had to hire accounting
    business stand by me do my job
    job right now with English comety undergraduate the other man
    vegetable samurai how tall are they didn’t complete all this year


    tyranny how to deport but it was fine I think I love her and I Addison
    the sign department when can I finish the series
    but anyway when I come over University
    then when I come back OM
    give me for ladies for for young women
    woman we have to keep on your snow days member anyway
    who had a grat here gets posted and the next day


    next thing you know probably year maybe I don’t know maybe two years or maybe 5 years
    anyway I was with him how long was I with them from
    I’m from 40 years I think anyway
    who was picked to go to labor relations school Florida
    yeah I got 15 credits for man from professor wolf
    yeah I got 50
    birthday lot of people probably made more money I be able to count


    counterfeit note that Asian one of me maybe but you know what is accountant Warren
    porn but I was way up on his list on a time where if you get on count
    counted 23 start down here but us worship I so I couldn’t complaint I didn’t get richer
    we did alright I’m Henry is going to change tape would you like to come
    how to complete the interview or would you are is where we don’t have to do that is