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Oral History Interview: Charles Dukes of Georgetown


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Charles Dukes enlisted in the Army in October, 1943, during his sophomore year at Indiana University. He was shipped overseas 80 days after D-day, entering battle in the Cherbourg Peninsula. He fought through Belgium, Holland and Germany. Dukes was captured Nov. 23, 1944, spending six months in Runddorf, a labor camp near the Czech border. He escaped several different times, finally making it to the Elbe River where Americans were being exchanged one-for-one for Russians.

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    you can go ahead and start a ride from Charlie Duke my name is Brent Cochran
    Cochran and technicians Henry Ratcliff date of February 7th 2008
    18 Williams MTV studio exit Campbell Hall
    call center pana Illinois
    can you tell me
    you tell me about when you join the military how to join


    High School in Georgetown Illinois in 1941 and
    workout should you there for snow in the summer on construction on I 20 in the universe
    University in the fall and I was like an Afghan
    have to join a fraternity right off the bad so I had my room and board
    allies been like freshman year at IU I was 18 years old
    spent that whole year then I came back home
    home and work during the summer when back in the fall


    1942 and I don’t know it October
    Homer facts on the 26th of October at 6 of us
    Chinese guys are sitting around 11 day we got
    what kind of guilty because we were losing every battle in the war except
    septic tank maybe one naval battle bateria
    landlord we were you losing so we felt guilty 67
    go downtown Bloomington Indiana University


    join the Marines well I still want to wait about 123
    324 pounds in a week 511 6 foot tall
    add another recruiter startup how much water is a while I’m waiting
    fill up right now you come back in 6 months so we were sorry
    R&B albums worth tall skinny I guess so we all went down town
    couple Block downtown Bloomington walked in the recruiting office army battalion
    critter just gave it a piece of paper says fine hair that simple


    simple so we ended up in the year regular army
    and not the US US Army not the only United States know if your
    if you’re drafted out with me it out of state and I gotta feeling
    cell number I get service command 15304 102
    eggs and I was in the army but I still love that let us stay in reserves in school level
    humble definition semester but we had ROTC army
    the army with charger ROTC so we had training


    maneuvers in fact I spend Christmas vacation with OTC
    but first Christmas a 1942 house call active
    Sorenson 43 and ship to Texas in
    I can’t finish with a brand new tub infantry camp in Tyler
    color and we had a good fact I had to work about this week getting things ready to go
    ready to go but it was a 17 weeks basic high normal is only 13 weeks
    normal basic in ww2 and it was rough


    but I found out they were most of his work all the boys and sew
    we were training for OCS Avenue realize that
    training in the debate on July 8th and you had the choice of going
    Officer Candidate School or what I call a STP huh
    specialized training which engineers I didn’t want to be an infantry officer
    officer so I chose the engineers and I was transferred from different regions in Arizona
    to New York City


    Fordham University I don’t know th Street Fordham Road and we took a full semester
    semester of engineering courses in 3 months
    well I passed the first three months and I got the second course
    and I didn’t get home for that Chris was here classes right through
    well in February and March weather getting ready for
    the D Day landings and short of infantry soldiers hold all of
    all the schools were closed all at once man typically army online from


    Texas to New York from New York that ship to Fort Carson Colorado
    and I join the Timberwolves division and I come to find out
    commander is Terry Allen hear the first invasion of North Africa Sicily Italy
    family came back and shoulder Army on the idea
    ignite Fighting division. So when we all
    arrive to take an eye we are all standing out there in the open on
    the general gets up on the stage in the wall covering Lexus over


    what we got here a bunch of college sillies
    we’re going to tell you show you what the Army is really like turn around left inside you
    you’re going to be refined account for 30 days weight training 7 days a week
    awek saliva to men in the barracks with my outfit alchemy
    house in the second column 2nd battalion 413th infantry
    and we train time and they were rough on us and the thing was we were five
    5300 feet up in the air at rarefied air so for the first year


    24 days a really work this but I would like a cup
    the company and at the end of the 30 days everybody
    play game together and we became a full complete hundred eighty seven men
    yeah imma nubers and that their basic was money worth in water
    what are already been through so I was able to take a while but this time I dropped about 100
    180 pounds and shaped like God
    phone after DDay we were put on alert


    scorpiom requirements and hand in late July
    which reloading equipment on flat cars and headed east to account Kilmer New Jersey
    I was about 6 or 7 days got all my shots in all that for the Deaf
    and one night we found out and motor launches an onboard the ship out a New York Harbor
    Harbor and my whole regiment was on that ship
    and we were at sea for 13 days in on Monday,
    and we got into Europe and


    update glitch Channel and it’s your bored but
    we couldn’t go in an end land on the beach because
    Harbor was fooling sunken ships in M&Ms
    anchor out in the channel in wood over the side and cargo nets full field equipment in Dell ca
    LCIS landing craft infantry shawarma
    for we went on a 49 mile forced march across the peninsula
    and not be blacked in a little town called born evil


    train down on the pill box of them on the beaches at blower real air about
    Holman I’ll be late for the week Android backup
    step on a Sunday night in the factors can happen if I take your shoulder patches off
    stuck in your pocket I don’t know why we talk a 35 mile
    forced march with oil field equipment can you get a 10 minute break every hour
    when was up down and turn kind of the hills and valleys
    of the peninsula that was really rough going


    we got there daylight number next day and boarded the cattle car
    French cattle cars and headed north
    why we ended up outside of Brussels Belgium village called mollies
    pet store tents nose around in that
    that first night 3 .5l asleep Alex
    camp and went into the edge of Brussels to a movie
    movie and we walked in and it was everything with blacked out


    we are rifles weather Saraland al from resetting in the front row of
    role of the balcony and the movie came on and it was in English but it was
    but it was dubbed in in foreign language underneath sew
    it was a comedy it was called its a date
    bike with Deanna Durbin well every joke
    can I file this guy setting up her laughing and it the recipe for would laugh till
    laugh till I come across the bottom of the tank so it was fun of it everybody looking at us


    and we were the only outsiders in the hold there an app that woman first
    first night before I went into battle Indian Trail
    federal courts we jumped off a bit at a time too much problem the first
    the first day but the second day we made a night attack in
    in to a building and run into what we call an ML are mainland
    Mainliner is this tits and I mean it was full of machine guns in Borderlands
    and I had been designated as elite scout and another kid with seconds


    Second Coming the killer and we were walking down this blacktop road pitch black
    which black and we’d take turn we go about our 12 yards in N
    which kind of talk we light heat stop in and I would with this leap frog on it
    the road no idea what was going on in
    all of a sudden machine gun opens up well
    is luck would have it I locked out and keep her got it immediately
    hit the ground and he was killed at me like I crawl over time


    handheld machine gun with butter mouse I went to the right hand side in the ditch in the district
    this was just enough to cover my body back all the time
    weather Keller have an eighth of black cat everything I own with all my back
    back NFI machine gun on my right flank with farmville Bleek fire
    are crossed the road and everyone wants an they would put a bullet in my pack
    well I finally had to take it off and lay down the road and I laid there
    Darren dug into the ground and not this time


    my company made in attack on up the road on both sides
    weld how tall is murder is fire in a bird it’s completely Moe down
    sergeant with killed a man at Mohawk and then he was killed immediately
    and I never did get to me and so I was pinned down
    highway head im a family just backed up we had 26 casualties in my company that
    first night why later all night I couldn’t rollback
    my mood machine going to open up slide


    so I just laid there and I made of simple prayer
    what has a good Laurel allowing me to see the sunrise
    how say good morning for the rest of my life and I told ive done
    I’m done and that’s where the when I find a road a book 10 years ago that’s where the title come
    comes from and I say good morning 24 hours a day
    get me a little bit of trouble and I never I never claimed that anybody out there
    Habitat God Kim daylight


    to backup a second or two states are the division come
    commander who had the first invasion of North Africa and Italy could wait for her
    Fereshteh join American army well we found out and they drop the boys at 9
    1st airborne and me first British unicorn division and they were
    they were being systematically am I related and so we were attached to the
    after the first Canadian Army & R job with the rescue the guys Alanon meeting him
    I had a 4th Canadian division on the left flank British first I mean


    49th and polar bear division on my right flank and we were the center
    and then we will wait for night and day there’s many a night
    lay down to sleep
    sleepwalking between continuous and they can
    tremendous casualties well it’s a little things popped up
    upper like friends its my second day of battle fire fighting
    white flag goes up on her everybody ceases find a German stands up


    is up and the s*** f***** in Colorado about couple more boys jump up
    pump up with her rifle who take his prisoner with who they expose themselves
    drop the foxhole and I open up to my boyfriend killed immediately so I feel in the first
    first lessons you learn you kill me in a minute in front of you
    do we go through this all the way up I think was a Baptist
    6 does November we found a refill mas River
    40 week ago and I get some of the boys got out the rescue


    Puyallup most of them were either killed wounded to capture those two divisions
    and the last day I was there a little incidents happen that I never will forget
    Weird Al mmm off at the edge of a village
    free world destroyed except one house at the end of the village still standing
    American people live in it but I had duck my foxhole at the edge of their yard
    yard in the north end of their yard filthy dirty money change
    change your clothes in Holland ISM Popplewell anywhere


    water table by the foot below the surface and I just finished my foxhole
    told man I was stopped I was in at night I heard a noise
    so I cleaned up and we just about dark in here come a little girl might be about 30
    1314 Rizal rest walking across the yard toward me and she was crying
    crime and she walked up to me Panther arms around me
    Scumback Hiromi and pretty soon she looked up at beach he said
    who said though yank I want to thank you tonight will be


    will be the first night I can go to bed and be free from the past porn
    4 years the Nazis had been in Holland
    last 4 years well like Michael I do if I broke down
    brokedown tears streaming down my face and I hug her and she kept crying
    pretty soon to let go into a walk back to house and I just jump back my foxhole
    soul but that give me the strength Billy I was doing something good
    good we moved out early in the morning when I lay a Belgium


    Chipotle for a 7 day rest replacement are there per
    vapor 2 hours what type of trucks command
    mount up so we went in the autumn and replace the first division
    and we cleaned up off them and without a box
    get him to the Siegfried line 3 days to break through the Siegfried line
    and this time lot of guys had trench foot what kind of problems
    but they may be late one or two guys go back in time


    booty women in short handed
    combat division alibi mean company 187th MN
    we had 263 replacements during r200
    218 Kombat my. Is it to mp3 that takes a beating
    this Prince turns out of your total balance
    16 and a half million boys and girls were in world war 2 at
    1800 that total with infantry but we suffered 7


    78 Amole casually women in ww2
    so we were taking the brunt of it all this time I was I’ll be there by
    bubblehead transferred I couldnt take my shoes off my feet would swell up I cant get my shoes back on
    would get a clean pair of socks a day well but good at 2 weeks
    wake up a cat going in to the Germany
    and I finally f***** my last battle on Thanksgiving Day with
    Hill 303 904 area strip


    40g battle we jumped off a 04 30 in the morning
    took the forward slope and we’re going down the river slope of the hill end
    we have a week old
    rolling fire in which we would have archery Woodbridge an antonym for the line of fire
    fired from Ibis and soon as it sailed exploded we would jump
    good jump up and try to catch the enemy in the foxhole before they can get out there fog light with artery
    well I guess it worked pretty well but we had it all rolling garage


    Raj down the hill and we get down to the bottom and are poor word
    server got hit and IR ser 300 radio locked out
    knocked out so he didn’t call the last member we were
    where’s the grid coordinates for the last word bar was posed to come in
    and we’re in a moon time had that Germans on a run and run and put them down hill
    3d and real head bad it’s all we had
    get down there and this last Viraj comes in behind us


    and I get hit with my own artillery
    but I was running so fast I had everything including my overcoat
    all my winter clothing so the globe
    Lobi over cold in the bottom part of my legs and in both legs and I got hit
    I got hit both hands I got knocked down but I was scared so I pick myself
    what’s up back up I kept attacking we got down the objective
    big factory we get down to the factory and then we get pinned down by machine gun fire


    Empire and small arms fire so we try to get back up and when I get into German
    German foxholes Lil Wayne trying to decide what to do
    the recruit and then by that time is 5 Tiger tanks come
    Cumberland around the edges that big factory and they were fired
    firing machine guns in Canton 88 Point Blank right attitude
    I don’t remember when I got so shell shocked and I lost my head
    my head against endemic better at the time of the


    back behind the Tank scan determine if a tree fell when it came up
    map wera treated its best we could back to there is a big trench coat
    cross and hope filled with a communications trench in the thing
    I think I got me up to my left and my buddies got into a foxhole
    well this big old tank comes up and pussy spread over at Fox only just grinding
    the ground it all we got here extreme and so my buddy Lou and I decide
    decided we better get back to a trench so we got back to that it will land in the airport


    came up we jumped up at Alabama but then no hand grenades nothing but my bayonet
    and we were systematically beaten and
    taken I was drug down the hell I ended up in that basement
    tax rate short time they come in
    remover moved out and I found out later we had 78 casualties at
    is that day there was 41 min left in my company and its out of a resume
    where is 187 men 4xl many casualties were at work get replaced


    replacement is the keep up with the today’s battle shortly
    we will meet you moved out and I was forced to walk the next 10 days behind
    German lines and in a column of threes and it kept getting bigger
    bigger well I never kept picking up if you can
    prisoners along the way out of the Battle of the Bulge which I do not think about
    December I’m in the 90 member we were strafe by merican
    American planes on a cup location: Solway funny when I call before and I would stay


    stagger down the road so large airports guys know that it was not German soldiers
    those 10 days I slept in a barn tonight’s the rest of Time Wii disc
    we just left out in in Valdese houses in a field around it
    pounded with fencing and I slept in the snow
    but I have my complete uniform finally crossed the Rhine River and I was picked up and taken down
    Luckenbach to a Lindbergh
    which was Stalin 12a and I finally got some help on my


    wounded legs well path of the boys are
    how much medical attention in American American
    American medics in there so they lay me on the floor and sat on me and help
    hand held my legs down while he kicked out what’s right when they can I still have that won’t my leg
    who picks out what a good but I got such a wonderful body
    body that everything he all over pretty well I didn’t have any infections I don’t know why cuz I was buddys
    is the devil I was in at hospital Disney Resort can tell


    so I got there 10 days after the 23rd and I was there too
    there till the 19th and on the 19th a call without one in the morning
    into a room saver go give you a hot shower take off your uniform
    took our uniform doll-fan minute noodle piles of a remember
    and but I can’t my shoes on in my under clothes on in this room
    handsome spigots up there but it was little cold water for my baby and get wet
    moved out and another room has a big Bolla clothing


    is it get dressed jolyn clothing I had to wear at a pair of trousers
    browser that came about 6 inches above my ankles
    Wilton blue overcoat that had a split up in the 5 stalking cat
    cap and a scarf and that was that shirt that was it
    how is the
    give me a rope for a belt nothings coming over
    did it was stuff out of the concentration camps


    one of those uniforms and I found out years later that my uniform was used
    infiltration in the Austin area by the German invasion
    Zomboy feel kind of bad but nothing I can do about it
    loading box cars Leonet box car going across southern Germany
    Germany and night and day no food no water was never allowed to help
    and we’re estranged several times by American planes but You Lyrics come in from the
    from the side and we could get on the floor and move to the bullet went over our heads nobody


    is poison oak by couple guys I think of him finally 19
    one night about 2203 pulled into an area and then
    doors will open with snow on the ground Ann Arbor jumping out of a car
    scar in the cell site in and it swelled head over heels and I realize my feet
    frozen man I didn’t know it I got it I tried to keep moving but weird cramps
    Crimson Tide about 7 minutes a car you couldn’t sit down shut up and sleep standing up in a corner
    and there was a little trouble but why guys try to fight but they couldn’t fight


    free rough and we kept beating on the sides of the doors all we had was a little window
    window at the top of the of the Indy channel box car that was it
    and no toilet Purcell is whatsoever in
    always remember 11 kid got so thirsty he tried to lick her
    frost off the heads of a boxcar courses time stock today
    hinh han jugado out there he is tongue swell


    Joker death and I’m at remember remember this the sound
    sound of that guy I guess you say die and choking to death
    but we got out there was about 2200 and I was forced back into
    back into the car and we carry 12 dead Ulta my car
    what is stack my plumbing guys are still wounded or 12
    212 day out on my car and I’m a Murkrow in Alabama blazin
    so we just driving through the snow I’m still able to walk and I was up


    edge of the woods a big bonfire and as lot of bug Kiwis Aussies
    Canadiens your name at British and edify in a big pot
    hot tea and we stood around that big bar guitar
    how to get warm with a guy I just feel like laying on the ground
    and we got a cup of hot tea small sandwich at the person who died at the last
    text my love letter couple of pieces of bread in my pocket pull it print them
    beautiful night stars moon


    moon out and I didn’t have a pretty soon I’ll hurta
    big fat German guard behind started singing
    cmek knocked which is silent night Christmas with Christmas
    Christmas night at box cover 6 days 6 nights
    and I’m standing there you know it
    touching myself a field while still alive and I felt something on flytouch
    shoulder ice where did I turn around what is nothing there


    but it just give me the inspiration
    survive this iTel had 5 month but I didn’t know that but you’re going to survive if they give me the answer
    inspiration well f*** you then doesnt fire died on a run out of Beer Week
    wicht Weaver March over to a building but that time of poly 24
    2400 hours pollo y LAN
    money lenders in the door finally afford a light felt up walking dead
    big open building with straw floor and we should have one blanket


    and so we kinda night we slept together
    the gather 3 guys always one in the middle aged people are in a lucky Pierre
    he’s mad at a blanket that was just a bucket
    looking for a toilet in a pipe out the back lower back in how is
    I was there about 15 16 days I got one meal a day
    ifunny load out of there and shipped at 28 Harbor lights come on
    Pandora work labor camp little village ballroom door for witch in German


    German means round Village headroom for 40 min
    and it’s been a Russian cancel is a method that move the Russians out well the only 36
    set up of the members came from two different campuses
    I guess so 4a and 4b and I came out of 4b
    end of this working hard bites commando 53
    535 I found out later on I didn’t know that at the time and I
    and they don’t barracks and I reserve a room for 20 min on each slide it in


    wall in the center of the big table of food and then
    and then I got one blanket and I got in there was a straw mattress
    but a gunny sack full of wood shavings in a little bit
    straw I guess and I don’t want health and saw him I thought that that might work
    tonight with my wife black cock up the next morning I was wrong
    life the Russians had left their calling card at full of life
    fleas and bed bugs in a month and this time I have not had to shave her hair


    haircuts at 5 a.m. Kombat Deadly Alliance oh I had a long beard and long
    hair which is beautiful place for lies and flask
    started at UIUC learn to scratch
    when you’re close later than this how to learn to live with them
    we were forced to work every day I had to walk as much as 5
    52 12 kilometers into a place called Hollywood Florida
    and we worked on cleaning up the railroad that have been bombed


    I work in the garbage dump and are used to try to salvage show
    string a newspaperman sometimes in the morning we try to wrap your body with a couple of
    where is a newspaper title with string to keep the hair off
    one of the jobs I had was digging a trench at a school
    that I have been closed down on the use of the AM
    well actually the hospital for the Germans a little old German soldiers and their wounded soldiers
    trains to get water line in a sewer line


    YouTube part of a building and all we had was a
    spike with a hammer to dig through the frost to get down to the stuff like this
    like this we had to do it all the time I did have 45 days working on a farm
    Farm Fresh in weeds and let them know I got it
    lunch at David’s Bridal come out with a little red wagon in a big can of soup
    soap and shampoo can witches white bread
    bread because I lived off of actually what I lived off of I got home everyday


    willkommen work and walking back to the woods
    we are what we call a shuttle Richwood just a bowl steel bowl
    let me get a bowl of soup at about for boiled potatoes with a jacket on
    in a big slice of German black bread
    shutter like black bread mold white bread and finally after dinner
    mabis 30 or 45 days
    the bridge start to change a weekend we can go in one of our trips


    trips into the little village once a week we going to get our bread and butter
    3 guys are going with his wife going to have to go pick up the sweet little farm
    and then take it into the bakery and exchange it for so many loaves of bread
    that’s one tricky with me got checking out guys what behind her while we were talking to them
    Baker and we found out they were dumped in sawdust into the
    mixture it is it tasted like pine or oak
    what a time I got out there I don’t have sawdust in half and Britain


    really got rough but it everything you got one big maybe one slice
    wife and then we would never buy without so much soup until April 2nd
    just what was left in about an equal amount sales
    Alyssa Milano spraying in a couple of jobs I had
    been a couple of days and Woodward
    cutting diameter logs and to build tank trap
    Minecraft with Wella brilliance of Hitler Youth song so I thank you


    they come and they take off their shirts in a way you can tell the SS
    the regular SS would have too little and lightning SSS
    on the inside of their arm the Hitler use that have just one
    yeah after you got to be baby first class or when or what those little devils come in
    temperware working in step down the ways to put one of those
    what are those on one end of the Fallen us on the other end and I didn’t fold them to me
    Beckley pass out from exhaustion and then reload upload


    upload logo on our shoulders that came out of the woods to the wagon and
    and they be on one side with V on the other walking out
    update signal German songs somewhere along that song that all
    NFL logo on it
    crush is a big nickel
    taped up about them for 4 days in the Hat and then it worked
    tank trap building tank traps under bridges


    nada just manual labor cerita want everyday
    general how did the German soldiers 3 to the German soldier that first one
    the first couple of about the first four weeks we had some younger
    yeah I thought were wounded and couldn’t find release Romo
    maybe it leave neighbours thinking then later on we go to old man from
    from World War Z 2000 pop from old bones only call him
    and the only problem they had German police dogs


    analytics and sometimes we be out and they did not have something to do that
    let that dog muffin to you and your family I got the Motts card on the front of my leg
    legs when they got little bit of both of my pant leg and the other than that
    the man in the Carrie black snake with I got raped and liked twice
    one instance where they get the tank trap for sale legal
    and I was kind of lien on my shovel against a big tree
    pretty little German girl with the biggest to work with us


    come around the corner and have a little sandwich and cooking bread
    and I looked at her and I didn’t have the heart to hungry I was I didn’t have a heart
    hard to take SATs and patient and I said 99 which piano
    and she smiled in love boy beautiful thing right there and the next thing I knew
    in the garden come up with that black snake whip
    Colorado cross a back to hear what I hear glee
    adidas hit me once but have been worse if you take sandwich probably would have


    look at little girl in in feet
    will to die I just did a car to take another time
    the time we were dating tank rapper Foxx old
    MLB rabbit come across Sarah and Alyssa

    movie start digging a foxhole over that private was
    and we dug him out at night


    torn in half an hour guts and all in the Enviro jacket
    but we only got a trip through for brick as a cold for a little
    stove and it never kept us warm but wait
    but we try to cook that sing at night but mostly raw meat
    but I don’t do that kind of job
    how many the never only thing
    iTone Cajun where we’re going to the head headsets come in


    nearest acres and I had a kid for me old bloody bucket
    the bucket division 28th division and he was little shell shocked
    and we were walking there and he was
    Black Tie how can a poppin off to the guard that German guard
    so happy that offer come up and when he was bent over
    get booted in a rear end into the rapper diggin well I come over there
    help him out like a stupid made a couple of remarks about


    facts about to you German and English which I should have known
    should I could come in the SS could hurt somebody
    somebody else and I turned around and he had grabbed the rifle
    album one the other guards coming at me
    and there I stood well I’ve had enough
    can buy a pair of what we called Perry bi mat when I come at you for that discovered on
    income at me and I backed away


    mokhtabad and white wife and I figured
    I’ve had it will not this time old pops come running howling at the German
    can it be to rescue me more let’s go there we had to add to guard that day
    taking a rifle from the other 10 bones Way calling
    so I turn to left and then the German state deppen but but stroking
    my jaw pop when I head off knocked up for adoption
    40 East Brokaw Road off I just had to spin a mild and


    bulk mail almost unconscious a lane on the snow there for a while before acting
    how to get myself up I didn’t have to work the next day though I got the next day off
    but I went around next about the next three weeks with a dragon plant
    keep the air out of the roots of my teeth and they finally healed
    and I never thought much about it but my local dentist had to take
    had to take the roots out after I come home I still in the army but a year later
    yeah I know so I at I got to that


    funny took some bone fragments on the bottom of my mouth to be several years later
    other than at other time
    we are the boy the name of the board the board and he was a French Creole New Orleans
    good speak French well in French I want to call Peru liquor
    where can I put my own apartment I can go 50 kilometers to pass
    iPass homemakers believe wrong little bit so they had a set up or they were
    find a skate prisoner red running to there underground to the Merrick


    lyrics to the American lie lie lie so we worked on
    Farm for about 3 or 4 days and so he got Nexus 10 use a French press
    prisoners they set up a deal for him to Skype so we work out a deal one night
    but not on 28th route
    throughout how to miter 2800 hours 1900 hours
    so we set up a deal he had enough of the French
    the French uniform we would steal clothing every chance we get well in German


    reminder for 3 weeks and we have a shake down a lot o-200 the morning
    they call us out and we have our clothes and walk over to another building
    and hanger clothing on a peg my penguin number 14 and I have to have my clothes on
    some night I couldn’t sleep in my clothes but most the time I thought I lived in
    take them off. I never had a boyfriend vote
    I got a deal set up an estate sale in fight out in front of the buried between
    between two guys which brought old bones who is patrolling the perimeter


    the perimeter that might come around with his dog to watch the fight romanii din that
    that we open up the back window and he went out and find over the fence
    words that have the barbed wire and got down the other side go away well they called him
    are there free days later but nobody knew until the next morning
    have a countenance more about account that ruin men short
    throw a rat and Raven a card on an old bones are there
    they called him out of the bed and only want to have a miracle


    thanks for letting a man escaped
    the boy he’s a turning blue phone I said I was in the head to Rosamond
    morning line up and I was in the back roads at God
    guys with air rifle couple guy guy get hit in the head busted open
    I was in the back row and I got hit and run
    Best Buy Back River below shoulder blade and then had three ribs cracked I guess because
    because I could take a big breath for the next 3 weeks after pill


    healed up and it is so whether they weren’t exactly broken but the hit me hard after
    makeup at MAC for knock me down my face but that’s only time you really got me
    Island in the little commander fear we had we call me
    hottest tall is the shard potbelly
    war 1 bed and things go bad I may be in my side
    I saw it it will the Guide button working hard enough of something so they call us out in the morning
    he would walk up to me with an iPad


    push my head back and pull lever back on the things to read to shoot meth
    CinemaNow resolved is rat and Raven
    they start out in English then end up German so you had a learning
    German I know what I wanted so I learned
    the primary language with Knicks 4 states that means I don’t understand
    brother get away with it but that went on
    all spring and then I finally woke up one morning and


    Everett little road in front of us with full of civilians and wagon
    walking along there in an old awake for pulled up milk
    the milk house Orlando horses available anywhere the army at all horse
    Apple TVs peoples head well
    well we watch that we still work a little bit but not as much but then finally
    the Germans were coming back from the
    from the front and they will come by and see that that was a prison camp


    will they open up with the automatic soap about the last 4 days I was that we
    dead on the floor Lyrics with old shattered from the Germans
    Germans open up until finally late one night 98
    it came to us than there actually was thirteen guards but but this time
    time 7 of the disappeared in the sexual after they were all on the other the problem of ozone
    blood on the Russian side of the Elbe river sold the
    6 Garden Trail left 4 from the other side the Elbe river


    so they came to visit I will make a deal with you guys if you will give us your word that you will know
    you will not have a shot will get you an American light will take you as a group
    and we’ll be on our man covered it so that your protected from the Germans
    German soldiers in a Roman around the area 12 foot Joyce and you have me cause everybody scared
    the Russians are killing everything in sight but it’s time to leave a guys world
    able to walk from starvation so you never leave a man behind
    so we raved up hello two wheel cart with rope


    handloading those two guys on and in the daylight we headed
    West 12th video cross country go the road work
    no cramping during my first
    airplane that is the big new hair blonde hair out
    straight from everything varajet man
    I love you say that s*** and I thought we had be real careful going to
    cross country well we didn’t get very far and we hold up metallic call Rosenthal


    tall and schoolhouse woke up the next morning playsets
    place of Thailand on fire Russian to come in
    rape the women lot of the month old will not fire they found as file
    is finally an is school Belding took our sex guards who will win this
    attack about long barrel house Atlanta muffin shot him and then left
    because we were surrounded on three sides by Germans at this time so we hold up
    up and we will earth 767 days we would hold up


    during the day in basement and come out at night looking for food
    1st place promised her and try to get some food
    get some food I’ll be there about 67 days and we decide we gotta get out
    Germans were Russians are coming na banheira
    that one day when I was home again and they were little Mongolian Mongolian
    they say I’m a little pony
    quest 2 days to get back to Horace perdida


    and I was going out one meal a day from the Russians
    and I know I finally hit my phone it took off and I ended up in
    Saigon Poland hitchhiking and there was a big campus
    later I get out that way well I couldn’t have been there
    so then I headed back west on my own
    and one morning I was in a long narrow road in a garden
    digging up a rutabaga for food stamps


    I’m staying at work that by myself and about tree Russian tanks come Barrel
    barelist see you there in the last time come through screeching halt popover
    how to prep the great big buxom blonde woman
    PopSci learn emotions may get on a tank
    Micro up on a damn thing it going to hold a couple rings and hang on a while we took off
    headed woman we’re headed west will get into this edge of the woods
    Woods and the Germans opened up with one week old screaming Mimis which are the


    what are the multi barreled board about what it could be in it scream like a banshee come in
    cumming in a girl cumming while one hit the tank
    and I don’t know where they sell fried butter some I get out of my head was split up from here
    .5 inches on a pill Maybach and blew me off
    the tank into the ditch and I was about half concert I know how long I lay there
    all I know is bleeding but I finally came to an end with two guys
    bending over me and one of them was Jacque McCloud the 51st Highland Division


    capture the Dunkirk City been to prison for 45 years but he had a lot of
    Florida Medical Clinic so we had a pretty good thing Phil Heath another boy with
    yo plenderleith from the 15th to 17th King’s role of SARS
    captured in North Africa
    appraiser for a while and then we’re headed towards Odessa on the Black Sea
    taxi Czechoslovakia where to get out but they were
    they work so me and patch me up in the three of us headed


    we get over there and I don’t know where your polling there somewhere
    Ann Landers and British soldiers that said war is over
    we’re going home so we all turn around 6 or 7
    three and we headed west good trucks Poppins
    poppin Draenor we can get headed west in finally
    couple things that but I’d come inside. In Berlin and I woke up
    I woke up one morning I’m driving from coming to my memory card


    I woke up with a bandana my god like for the Russians at all huh
    the only way we can prove our cells have in America
    don’t I didn’t mean to darn thing to him none of us had uniforms so we put a red arm
    piece of red cloth around our arm and Weaver point to let you know I’m the same
    American skier broken ski Cobra which means good
    recap the Russians alphabets with that red arm band 2012
    Cuban Russian and I prove to him that I was American flah all me out


    I’m in Berlin so I’m going to this office in this phone
    is lobster and he said well we’re going to repatriation so I was
    maybe a pack a day in a load of me on the truck full of women and kids
    and we were supposed to for American Airlines
    red heads out of Berlin and we come to a place called looking bald
    which had been a light prism
    Camp Scott Stallings 389 Barbara


    how much are for about 6 7 days and every night
    loving a lot American doll kind of guys are DPS displaced person would head out
    head out at night if an American lines rabbi daylight who they came back
    back the Russians with pick him up patrolling long there no on truckin bringing back maybe
    maybe once in a while a guy would make it get to the river phone number kid not his son
    I want the money
    Anna camp middle of the night early evening and never load


    blown up Mara mean DP’s displaced persons German soldier
    soldiers in boxcars and heading for Siberia
    Americans going to let you know we left about 20,000 Americans over there to the Russians
    so we decided to go to get out of I got I got knocked out
    Russian guard at me when I run away from him I don’t like
    shipping a back you could have fit just kidding I restore power wire colors we went to the
    what to the very bottom two strands of barbed wire in but this time it was


    electrified water not normally was but the Russians have baby girl they weren’t even mad
    the man in the guard towers they were having too much fun with Russian
    German women dark we cut a hole through that
    advance at 2 wire fence at the grocery we crawl through that Mendel cross your mind
    the minefield into the woods well during the night
    I got separated and I was in a barn early the next morning
    philapark full grain Anna farmer


    farmer come out the house and I took off girl to feel the rush
    Russian Patrol called me to let me in the truck and I was back in prison again
    so I stayed there that day I got my bowl of soup
    found out whole the next night is dark
    self well the night before it was raining and Danielle so high
    so I lost my wife tonight with a beautiful night I found at North Star from a Boy Scout training
    Salon head west so I travel at night for 3 nights


    In N Out hide during the day in the morning of the fourth day I found a couple
    bipolar a big rise and look down in the valley with people
    and I was a Bailey bridge Wittenberg
    Wittenberg and I get down in crowd in the way I look
    look my beard adult looking thing ever fight about it well I just made a way through the crowd
    animals hunter the people there to get across the river in the bridge big iron
    Bridget’s to the left with all blown and this was just a baby


    and they were still exchanging man4man Russian Fredericksburg
    I like brothers about this is the only place I found out
    how about later on so I got to the front of the
    the bridge in Everett 3 of American Air Force officers are
    how men really get me some crackers that the first food that had about the last 3 days
    and I disorder Wilson I stayed out all night and the next morning
    big truck come up with timber wolf rock inside and outside of Big Timber Wolf


    n eds Russians all that and a force that buy gold crossover Bailey bridge and then it would allow
    Crossville I cross the river I don’t know maybe you can
    ten hundred $900 go in a truck
    mother I like brothers and we went into a lake and a
    legs a man a member of the medic said
    how much did you weigh how much you should weigh you went into combat what’s a hundred 80
    at you say you know it your way now I said no hundred and nine


    buy bounce house that’s the last words I remember
    I just passed out and woke up the next day I was
    is an alley OPP mean in Reims France in the hospital
    I can take it but I had a kind of a canopy over meat is bad because
    the lights in the mess I was in filthy dirty my hands if I have been
    amor swag for days but the head can I get a life
    licensed in golf a man I had to French nurses


    they shave me regular razor
    every pair of my body is that bad. Cut my hair
    mini putting a big heart in a bathtub full of money
    is warm water and scrub made from my android
    and I was there about seven days I was a nurse by my bedside 24
    24 hours a day and then I’ll finally out of uniform
    Farm and I want to hump you Todd bridges Camp Lucky Strike


    lahar France Emma time I got there a forever 21
    20 days after the war was over 27th of May so everything with
    sing with closed down before the pill is concerned I was won the last documented to come out of Russian control
    role as far as I do so I get there and they didn’t have time
    a time for me they had a setup for everybody went through a certain process
    Amir interrogating me and I can finally had enough
    free would listen to me he says no we monitor no scam


    scams you guys had Red Cross boxes you got closer
    what you’re talking about man with nothing like that in my camp I never saw a red cross box
    f*** I got to write one letter a month but my parents didn’t get in delawarw
    what war was over the first letter I wrote that cut up with a razor blade cut out
    what half of what I said I got no mail and 4th at 6
    6 months are the man that can’t I had no idea what’s going on the world
    we don’t know how the war was going on we didn’t know anything about no way for us to find out phone ID


    treetop he would give me a hard on
    call me a liar shut up and salute
    I just made about face and left eye pink eye be court martialed for
    but I was there another day and I can’t go on the head
    hit man pitching like mad finally after about the 7th day out
    camp on in the morning sis how to take care of a soldier
    wonderful I got a thing caught on 50 bucks in cash in a past 2


    England delay Andrew t. Colin 780 lane road
    sketch a plane and fly home give me a billion have
    have some fun with her okay so I go to a land environment self
    single women go into London and I didn’t have too much money
    bunny cost me $0.40 a night for a bed at the Red Cross club and Rick Ross dead give you enough
    how many have to pay for everything coffee Ordo ad for the Salvation
    nation army Esprit and Hiram London


    make some friends with my some of my Canadian buddies a fourth of a show with Oregon
    p****** hot tub Aldershot so I’ve been a long time with them
    and finally I go down
    go down to cover garden in dance I was a big place for my fair lady with farm to the bank
    dancehall the last night I was there
    I passed out I was having problems with my stomach I had a head wound in the nozzle
    woke up and the next morning I was in the hospital


    is a nurse without my bed what day is it
    little man what time is it
    on a call from airport one summer Basin old 700
    morning images
    she left the room I got out my uniforms in over my bed
    can I put my uniform on my route 20 and Hiram
    London of everything there is to say I like Madame Tussauds Wax


    waxwork Benatar London on a burnout area boondocks Atlanta
    central part of a country but when I do I get
    do I get on a train on a learn how to speak by without paying a bunch of conduct
    traductor weather Kemal Clapton I move and then come back
    Aetna so that’s that’s the way I lived
    and then after I got picked up a mamas say courtyard shoulder charge 42
    12 days a wall in Lichfield England venta


    8 days no guard house and then not when did you tell them they called
    Nicole me out and said we ever review your case is considered you battle fatigue
    free resetting your settings but worshiping you home immediately undergo
    guard and I put man put a saint’s ALP for the garden Alan Alda
    Barry South Wales women I set out on a buttload 7000 Turner
    behold the Boston where are they now
    I’m sorry we’re all out of paper even talk


    Ben talking about when you had missed your flight out of England in Europe roaming around
    England league on a wall Lexar back there
    I actually got picked up a couple times and sting
    because you couldn’t go to a pier 12 Red Cross club you could go to about 1 or 130
    bad checks at the end piece wood full house run out of money
    Pizza Portland club Columbia club wear to the Red Cross
    go to bed at night so I learn another quick things that make


    friends with a night clerk a girl have butter her up a little bit so that
    at night she would pick out of a bed that was out of commission
    mission and ship named the bed number that floor number
    what room number and so I would know about 1041
    are 130 and check in a Wendy’s to play sad that have low card out there and it said
    Timberwolf and give these dictation numbers fly know where to find a bed
    so that work for while other times I slip out in St James Parker Hyde Park Irvine


    a place I could hurt them band in building and im 11
    when will infant have roamed around most of the eat what they call the EastEnders
    London Peppers come of a poor section and one day I was walking down the
    straighten I come to this one little tea room if I say where I’m stopped
    optical time for a cup of tea just a cut going to cost me that much sometimes
    sometimes it’s full of doubt give it to me for nothing cause I was in uniform H&M in America
    American British it good for the Americans thought it was that they were


    cute up in front of the door people were so I walked up and ask people
    bottom of going on a cell will the Queen Mother Queen of England
    is coming 1405 so they let me get in there lines
    find out about 10 or 12 from a door on a slant face this way
    M restaurant Aubrey soon this T Mobile carry
    down the road and old maid and the Queen Mother gifts Albuquerque
    carriage bolt up at the door and she gets up Folsom and she stops


    stop look silver walktrough to me thanks R&L deceased husband
    yank I want to welcome you to England you have saved my country
    country I want to thank you very much and I supposed to do
    how to do you know I didn’t would I get on my knees are bi or Chrissy all I could say more
    thank you ma’am thank you very much
    add to the Tea Room but that I’ve got in that I bought the changing of the guard
    hit the attempt Allison in all get busy


    it was it was rough in the plane leave with a Beretta
    beretta .32 beretta that I carried in my left hand and then I had a dream
    German blackjack no onna with a spring
    covered with leather and eye care that in my right hand and then I
    when I walk the streets at night you had a walk on the curb because there was so many guys
    guys like me thats for living off the land with mug if I got a chance alone
    enabled height in the doorways thought you know it was it was kind of tattoo treacherous


    treacherous away I had to live but I’ll do it in a millennia
    anyway and my parents still have not heard from me they got them
    telegram missing in action and afford a new I was still dead and I didn’t
    have sent another I guess I wasn’t thinking I never wrote home
    they did here is something about me on bbc1 time interview
    something that didn’t know anything there still waiting and here I’m over there roaming around
    how like a nut and finally he would you know you need a girl


    meet a girl you have to be careful because you couldn’t touch it because they wanted to
    come to America so I didn’t go to dance with me like this but then I get tired of this
    part of this when I dream I’m stepping out and I get my address as home
    when I got home I had a big big box of letters from a litter of different girls and finally my day
    my dad open up one of them intro to this one girl and she laughs
    what kind connection I was in and all that kind of stuff and she says well
    well he’s very thin very nervous


    av feels like he had to live like a
    the blank of an animal for so long that it he wants to come an get back in the civilization
    Malaysia before he comes home that was my thinking I guess that’s why I
    staying in London brother then coming back to the States horse after Ad
    inadvertently going AWOL that’s a little more baby
    can but like I said he that stream in tribunal
    check me out early one morning a guy Ben Hur 7 days


    had to let me live that the Midlands improv to I had to work well
    first 3 days I work a chicken Boursin pots and pans
    Anchorage weather what color replacement depo rappold am poem in the head guys going
    coming to go on a long time been transferred in and out
    serving meals 2408 frantically Thursday because of my
    been hit by a white phosphorus location
    burns and serum in hands and so I still have infections from app


    still a problem so that og I soak my hands would swell up
    how to remove soap from that I did they put me on the garbage detail
    so it was that bad but at least I get to 3 meals a day
    used to be called me and said because of your car
    combat record we check your record we’re going to resend
    and we’re going to see if you’re considered battle protect and I noticed helmet
    paper that I don’t know that’s how I do Big Lots red letters had cycle


    Michael saxophone I gotta got me good
    but I guess I was dangerous because they had a kid come in with it
    machine outside young punk and said that this man is
    Bourbonnais 6 month sentence you have to get into Barry South Wales by 1800
    turning into the starting place are you have service ends well
    what I couldn’t talk to you can’t even talk to me they put man in a chain
    and then we went so I took the train and me went to Paris house while


    Buffalo JAMES R Turner well and things are still rapping with all
    Air Force anorith 13 about guys were all XPO datpiff
    that is about 300 more like baby is going AWOL and got into trouble
    the trouble the rest of married British girls licking other long enough to marry British English girls
    girls that so they spent their 60 days of IPO W leave with their wives
    why are there girl friend and I still have my 90 day leave when I got home
    solitaire 190 place for us to sleep


    13 of a kind of band together and slip on the dick
    Dr Gunter and everynight
    around the guy that played hearts around playing hearts all the time
    became well appointed where we would get the disc golf show
    offshore of 11 that you spell Alan watching flat Brando lady that I left New York
    New York I come in at Boston Harbor photo widget for many miles out
    child out at night pulled over by below deck instead


    sweeper terms sweet down for a nap and clean the deck
    so they brought him brooms up a couple shovels the cult
    the colest 13 guys out and we’re got a sweet down the dick
    what album is this time we were so bitter metallic Chevy trailer
    I don’t know what I want to I didn’t want the other guys couple of guys for certified mail to a private
    relax with each other on modded guys candid
    chapter 23 weeker everything over the deck


    check internal gear Fort Worth
    Fort Worth Florida jumped up down court martial superhead
    short rib beef broth a geyser
    epic mother brings I swept up and down to get the approval let you know we had to be checked out to get into
    the land that the ship had to be approved so we get in there
    who’s the first guy is offered thing we were the French the first one
    ship from the first line and what he had to the Red Cross


    coffee and donuts and I was slated to go to the hospital
    fort miles Standish and I put the bed
    dead but they have a guard at my door I drain the liquid out of bed
    laborready feed Mira oil pickup still have my stomach keep food down
    down sometimes and about the second day I was there
    the guy c** inside the woman my uniform says get dressed you got a 3 day pass
    I’m so I got there and there is a girl that I


    viccino’s bad if a girl that I dated when I was in New York City Missouri
    lipdup in New London Connecticut Angela how she found out I was
    she been trying to me but I could write anybody baby
    the parents of the sea called my parents I guess he kept in contact with my parents
    and you know when you need to service your always made many friends as you
    is you could but girls because they were the one that wrote and male with the most important thing
    Army Special Forces and we did have mail called about everyday life


    I got mail but I couldn’t I ever had a chance to write about if you got me
    got me a 3 day pass and we went up to her house and she had 3 brothers all 3
    service and I did stay at her house or is it like that
    Petaluma brew Montebello motel there and cheats for family paid for that
    round and talk but remember the main thing I remember
    I was dying for a butterscotch sundae so I get
    I get one but I have bought for mites of it all I can eat


    never for got my head to throw away the rest of that butterscotch sundae have no waist
    but I came back again and I was still in hospital
    finally I guess I go to discharge came back to you
    Chicago and then I took a train down today on Bell and I have 90 days of
    leave ni disorder roaming around
    is having problems must have a nerve in arm
    and I was told to go back to San Luis Obispo wear my combat


    division with stationary get ready to go to court to defend well but this time the war was over
    and I need for a 15th of the September when I got home
    fallout 3 part of Fort Sam Houston
    Anna for the US sometime in November well I was having typical
    typical problems got into trouble couple times but slick her like you
    GIS data court I couldn’t take it hurt my stomach would about trip or drinks that I was done I know
    Eminem with my metabolism with bad I should be doing it


    I got into a fight 1
    trouble because I don’t use my Juno and almost killing
    chillin with my bare hands uneven the hospital about 3 days in the survivor site guide errata
    the river why doctors local doctors that you got it
    put your alcohol and I did but I get back to it in Fort Sam Houston
    Houston I go through the hospital check me out
    and I was having problems with prostate problems and it wasn’t


    image from the liquor and the poor water that I said it
    I have throwing fits pour water over seas not been having trouble with pain
    what pain but I don’t what it was and they found out it was so then I was but not federal and was given
    was given penicillin for a week and it clear that up
    when it came time for my discharge in it at that time you had have so many points
    white stuff to be discharge and have never had a headache
    use for their for school I try to join a neighborhood I could get into the ice too tall back then


    so therefore guide report an end they all had
    that more. I did so I go through the line for about 3 or 4 days
    4 days and there was a good after their views nice about it
    tomorrow finally I got an app for that
    that’s the one time I went to I said sir I have been home for 3
    3 years for Christmas I said last Christmas been the god bless boxcar
    I’m going to be home this Christmas one way or another I get discharged


    upper/lower I’m going AWOL so he’s looking at my records in
    the next day I came by and he had my records
    LIC your voice pool table trick in a contry that again are you
    my solat go get out of here he sold his calm down I got your setup
    set up set up for me to go and get me my ruptured duck
    so I got discharge right there thank God I need you want to help me out but I’m going to
    Hospital built the whole time I was there and I miss her almost a month and then I got home


    home of the 15th of December and I got time
    edify dollars for train fare like a map to St Louis in the Danville
    bill Hannah’s best of 50 that September and then
    I’m at back to school but I could go back to school until January
    1946 and then and then another
    Outback lattice signed up for 15 or 17 hours I go through a lot
    the lime and this girl that I don’t find you on the record


    you sure you signed up my sould yes ma’am
    because I made a couple trips down iu and visit
    so I walk over there this girl gets my records out and see
    can I got red in the face and I said what’s the problem girl
    she said well the Army says that you are psychologically unfit
    get to take a full course you can only take 9 hours
    thoughts per semester I’ll take for the first year of classes


    so I gave me a chance I can love turn it in
    well I was only a learners after 3 weeks at a special
    special election and how was elected president of eternity off the bat
    me I don’t know why because most guys are a lot of energy is like maybe
    Motorola RAZR m on Commodore officers are there Buffalo on a private tumblr Bunch butt
    so I was president of UPND tell the term ended
    did the guy that was President Bill Clinton service 420 all the sudden hand


    and then I got involved with campus toughen but I could get it
    to get a study buddy for girl got too close I was gone
    until I met her and we knew each other by 21 days
    how do I decide to get married Soleil
    home but I just
    messed up don’t realize that I know there’s no way to help us now chords we got what I call Pete
    PTSD and you not get some support out of there but I don’t need it


    she’s my support please put up with me all through this thing in Corsa book
    look at what cleared everything up his up in a big help for you telling your story
    if I didn’t realize I was asked at the local school
    and I spoke of the death of one class in high school and then I don’t know other teachers pics
    picked up on it and I’ve been doing it for about 25 years now
    I just got my ball desert schools on a come up to ww2
    automatically call me in its aura slacked off


    hiya it begin to bother me and I know it
    the miners had enough I’m sorry to say the kids today
    today are quite as interested as he used to be used to be God’s army
    hang around after class I ask questions and I get let of God I got a box
    box full of letters from the kids at school but I’ll talk to
    but it in theatres attitude has changed in so I just sort of back door
    actor off have churches or something like that


    my idea was it to get the story that and just a little fight online
    DBA found a guy found in Guyana
    animal hospital for a while but I didn’t realize he will the pill W no record of any
    anything gold medals with no nothing so they got together
    and got all this paperwork for man for a that DD 214

    ask me if I would do the owner of Tanana middle name so we had a ceremony


    unlock the bay few people there and
    celebrate a dead family from Texas to Chicago and all over
    all over the whole family turned out cookies mail
    senile so I get a bigger butt
    they come up talk to my mom know if I could give him anything could you want he’s never talked about it
    girls have ever heard a word so I said well
    she said you do anything in writing I know we can get us well I wrote a book


    and so have wonderful than I thought well I’ll give the family a book

    Treleaven boy family started coming to me
    tell me and the next thing I knew I was sad I sold 7 books right there to do today
    what’s the family I feel kind of bad but I didn’t intend to do that I would say you read
    you read this you get my idea now what your father and grandfather has gone through
    true because I just tell it the way it is when a baby and he was infantry


    I think he was captured in Italy so he was there about public
    year 7 months but I am I do
    do I get an idea didn’t in a Cell books that have their tail
    where to buy a half hour what’s great at something that help you get through
    so well if you can help other people while in a head people tell me how much I tell them by reading
    I read that the fact the Indianapolis VA the psychiatry
    Kyle just over there they keep the horrible at 5 bucks and they use it in there


    psychiatry Evansville deadline 3pac use it
    Indiana Tech is it thanks for you can
    can do if you have to simple title
    cost of the book good morning but the nightmares never end
    and that was my theory in I had a terrible nightmare
    because I started in January and I wrote all year
    here and now I finally finished up about November and I had a man


    man over here thats in Urbana who’s a school teacher
    Adam Hughes Wonder picked up on me I spoke of his class one time and he came over
    and said he would help me get a public high let me go to public should I be feeling at 5

    doing and he would I’d send it by parts
    parts of overtime in human side
    signs of what I should do expound on ethnic span


    a little things like the Maria story
    but why male and a combat about 5 s Cuyler
    roaming around on a Sunday morning and come up on a little village in France
    Hannah on the left hand side with a kind of dilapidated building but there’s people
    eminence front of people going in what are rifles crossword shoulder
    and the guy came up to us and said the boys like me
    why can we get out of church service would you want to come in for a couple minutes so we walked in


    then and I took it down and I’ll be sitting upright row viber
    rifle trainer belladonna for Hannah
    they have a sermon in French what was about overtime we got in there
    gamma dilapidated church well as soon as it ended on the left hand side
    Wireless area between 2025
    Taylor trensch sailors come in all in uniform lined up
    the first song they song was Ave Maria in French


    just got me writing inspiration
    and thats f***** up I had it song at our wedding and Gracie had no idea in the world
    world pie I want an AMA Maria at our wedding but at least
    10 things that let you know that inspire artists to keep going
    keep going and then another situation when we were mocking
    we’re going door to door on sometime to three floors up and Families
    buildings getting sick because they were snipers shoot that is a lie


    allied windows so we’re going to play in the place that you go into a room
    some cases of if you had a hand grenade throw a hand grenade in and Susan exploded you jump in
    jump in with your iPhone case is anybody in there
    longer this other guy I use on one side of the island on the other and the creeper
    I heard a squeaky noise soul
    hydraulic hand relay for the info I didn’t what the heck to do
    iflygo flat door and jump in the air and over in a corner


    the little old gray haired lady in a rocking chair
    but I didn’t catch you at all I could was emotional I will run and shop
    and I killed her and I lost
    I lost it my texts are dried you know my hands and knees
    about that time down something with an explosion of a hand grenade
    and I call out by or around a picture about this item Hitler
    Hitler and explosion in Lucedale is slid